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A Warning!

keep-calm-and-never-stop-learning-5Good morning again...

Yesterday I received an email from a member who had a worrying story to tell.

He has allowed me to publish the body of the email so that you can be aware and learn from his experience.

I've heard problem before but, as I don't use Windows, it's never happened to me.

However, some of you might not be aware that, unless you are a large company, Microsoft will never contact you for a support issue.

So, the below is the text of the initial email...

Just a quick note to advise of my near nightmare day. Things were ticking over quite nicely, I started the day with my betfair bank at £142 (from its last £25 deposit over a month ago) lost £2 on the first race, but won £18.70 on the RC190/RC250% dutching £10. Lost £6 on the next 5 races (1 winner and 5 seconds) it then came to the Kempton 3.50pm RC189 RC266 so close to qualifying that I thought I would try half stakes dutched; my bets were placed and l sat watching for changes in the odds. all of a sudden my curser started going beserk, bets were being placed for £100O on lay bets and numerous bets to win I frantically tried to cancel them but could not regain control of my curser, some of the bigger bets were naturally rejected due to lack of funds but a bet for £105 was placed and I could not remove it.

I tried closing betfair and restarting it but I still could not regain control, so to stop any further activity I pulled the plug. By the time I got my tablet logged on to try to revove or lay the bet, the race was over and instead of being £2 up with a few bets still to come, l was £103 down. I rang betfair, but apart from trying to find out where the hijack came from, there was nothing that they could do as the bets had been settled.

I didn`t log on until 4.50 when l was expecting 2 Jimseven system bets Kayf Tara didn't run so I transferred the £5 stake to Poker School which won @ 3.15 and then £5 on the second, Sublime Talent won @4.4.

Still P-----D l put a £2 treble on Poker School, Sublime Talent and Robins reef, which paid £56.33 (thanks to Jimseven and yourself ) that helped alleviate the pain and left me only £25 down when on the day, l should have been well up.

Earlier in the day, I had a call from someone purporting to be from Microsoft advising me that my computer had serious problems. l told them that l was not prepared to buy anything to which the said " because you are a microsoft customer and the system is not running as it should, there would be no cost. and that they would go through the process with me to remove the threats. They took me to a page where it showed plenty of errors and serious threats but I was unable to remove them, they took control of my screen and listed all of the dangerous items then asked for £37.90 for a lifetime cover, I told them that from the outset I would not buy anything. The phone cut off.

I can only suspect that who ever was on my computer didn't come off, and out of mischief sabotaged by betting. Pity they could not have picked the winner as according to betfair there was no way they could access the money.
This may be something that you would like to warn members about.

Now, in a previous life (before I saw the light and jacked in a perfectly good, well paid job to move to the land of Red Wine and Smelly Cheese to do heavy manual work for minimum wage in a pig abattoir), I used to work for the company that ran Microsoft's European Helpdesk and I know that they never cold call customers to offer support.

This is what Microsoft have to say on the matter... Avoid Tech Support Phone Scams

So, be aware and don't hand over control of your computer to someone you don't know. These people are very clever and convincing but, you don't know them and they certainly aren't Microsoft Technical Support.

The final word has to go to the member who finished the day £100 worse off....

I still can not understand the mentality of someone doing this. They could not gain from it, and in a seven horse race they had a 6-1 chance of making me money.

It still depleted my betting bank by over £100, l have never ever bet more than £50 on any horse, and that was only once and l was betting with the bookies money.

As always...

My kindest regards


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