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End of month report – Mar 2014

Well, rather later than anticipated, it’s that time of the month where we need to add up what has happened and, more importantly, what we can learn.

I'm sorry for the delay but work somehow had a way of getting in the way (as it does?) and some of the things that I needed to do took far longer than they should have done.

In the future you should expect the Monthly Report to be published around Working Day 4 of the new month.

This report will be produced every month and in it I shall review the previous month’s performance and detail any upcoming changes to the service.

I’ve tried to structure this report in a sensible manner but, if there are elements that you feel that I have left out or changes that you wish to see made, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

I can always be contacted at

Likewise, if you’re not already a member and would like more information to help you make your mind up, please don’t hesitate to contact me on the email address above.

Balance Sheet

Top Rated Horse

During the month of March 2014 there were 843 races, of which 235 were won by the top rated horse.

This equated to a 27.9% Strike Rate for the top rated horse.

This compares to a 29.3% Strike Rate for the top rated horse for February 2013.

The top rated horse came in the first three in 517 of those 843 races.

This equates to a Place Strike Rate of 61.33%

Top Three Rated Horses

During the month of March 2014 there were 867 races, of which 484 were won by one of the top three rated horses.

This equated to a 55.82% Strike Rate for the top three rated horses.

This compares to a 64.63% Strike Rate for the top three rated horses for February 2013.


Recent problems

Some members were experiencing problems with receiving the morning email.

I have finally fixed this problem (after an awful lot of swearing and banging my head on the keyboard (actually I think that it was the banging my head on the keyboard that did the trick?) and all emails are now being sent out correctly.

On a positive note; some members have said that they really rely on the Early Bird Preview Ratings and so I have started to generate an Early Morning set of ratings (at 7am) which should be more accurate than the 5pm the night before ratings and still be early enough for those of you who have to print off the ratings before you leave for work (to read in your lunch hour, perhaps?)

This will have the added advantage of being a System Test for the normal 10am ratings?

For the next month, if any of you really need these early morning ratings (rather than wait for the full, normal ratings) then please drop me a line to


If a picture tells a thousand words...

In order to answer some of the more common questions that I get about the ratings I have decided to produce some short videos explaining each aspect of the service.

As well as covering the basics of the site, I shall also be showing how to do basic Spreadsheet work (using the Results.CSV as an example.) Things like Pivot Tables, Filters and Formulas.

Now, I know that I promised you this last month but I've had to convert one of my laptops to Windows so that I can show you the videos in the way that you might be able to use them.

My first video should be published today or tomorrow.

File Archive

You may have noticed that I have started creating a File Archive (on the sidebar, just above the Subscribe Now bit.)

I have now fully populated this so that it shows links to all ratings PDFs and Spreadsheets going back as far as I can.

This is so that you can download them, if you wish, for your own research purposes.

The link to all 2013 PDFs & XLS files is... 2013 File Archive.

The link to all 2014 PDFs & XLS files is... 2014 File Archive.

Smartphone App

I am currently progressing through teaching myself a new programming language which will allow me to produce iPhone/iPad and Android apps. This is proving slightly difficult as I don't own a SmartPhone and, even if I did....

I probably wouldn't be able to use it! I'm really not very good with phones; I've had my current phone for about 18 months (it's the simplest phone you can buy - the salesman told me that it was the sort of phone he would buy for his grandparents!) and I've only just worked out how to get it to play MP3s!

Still, I'm getting close to producing a sample horse racing App - details of which will follow once it's finished.


I've added a new column to the ratings; this indicates the Yield of the horse. I calculate the Yield as the Confidence multiplied by the Forecast Starting Price.

In effect, the Yield indicates the level of value in the selection.

Now that all the other things are out of the way, I will be able to concentrate fully on coming up with ways that you can use the Yield as an additional factor in determining your betting opportunities.


Whilst I was slightly surprised that March didn't exceed the heights of February, I am quietly happy with the overall performance.

It seems that there is a lot of interest about Focus Ratings as our visitor numbers have shot up to between 7,000 and 8,000 unique visitors a day.

During the last two months we have been independently reviewed by

By backing the Top Rated horses in the first five races each day, they have shown 89.23 points profit (to level stakes) over the first 57 days.

I believe that, once the Flat season fully gets under way, bigger and better things lie ahead for Focus Ratings.

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy and successful Easter Monday and I wish you all the best with your use of the ratings (and your own systems and strategies) to make the £10 a month subscription worthwhile.

My kindest regards


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