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Place Betting Strategy


I've been up since the early hours so that I can get the BAU (Business as Usual) out of the way before Goodwood starts.

And, to make things easier for me I thought that I'd get the End of Month Place Betting Strategy post started.

I added a new tab to the Place Betting Results Spreadsheet (which is available at... PBSJuly.xls) and started showing the results for the standard strategy compared to the results by using the new strategy.

And I was so excited that I couldn't wait until the end of the month...

I had to tell you straight away!

New Strategy

The rules for the new strategy are as follows...

1). Use the selections as shown on the PDF for which there is a link on the morning ratings email.

2). Do not bet on odds on selections - the easiest way to do this is to put a minimum limit of 2.0 when you place the bet.

3). Vary your stakes according to the following rules...

a). Top Rated selection - bet 2.034 times your normal stake.

b). Second Rated selection - bet 1.356 times your normal stake.

c). Third Rated selection - bet 0.678 times your normal stake.


I got a bit excited when I saw the results

The results are on the Analysis tab on PBSJuly.xls.

From the normal strategy we have made 12.53995 points profit over the last 27 days.

Now, many of you are quite happy with this (I've had lots of emails which suggest that you are; there are many tipsters out there who are selling systems that aren't performing this well.)

However, by applying the rules of the new strategy...

We have made 23.102 points profit over the same period!

That's almost double!

Losing Runs

Original Strategy.

From the original strategy we had 11 losing days.

We had 2 losing runs of 3 days.

We had 1 losing run of 2 days.

We dipped into the negative (thus the system had made an over loss) once.

New Strategy.

From the new strategy we had 9 losing days.

We had 1 losing run of 3 days.

We had 1 losing run of 2 days.

We never dipped into the negative at all.


Now, the analysis required to determine both the stakes and the decision to avoid odds on selections was based on the same 23 months of data that I used to create the strategy in the first place.

Thus, we are comparing like with like.

I also need (and want) to mention that the New Strategy is a direct result of feedback that I've had from members so...

Thank you very much, Neil, Lee and Stan.

In fact, the original strategy was based upon one member emailing me frequently to suggest that I look at the performance of the top on yield horse.

Thus, thank you very much Peter.

So, a good day's results yesterday, a bit of number crunching has shown some excellent results that are a direct result of member feedback and..

Glorious Goodwood starts today.

Does life get any better than this?

And I've only got 7 hours and 44 minutes to wait until Wine O'Clock!

Not that I'm counting.

I've just checked today's ratings and they look good. They be coming out in about 25 minutes once the Speed ratings have been compiled.

As always...

My kindest regards


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