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SkyBlueKangaroo & Paul Whelan

About 6 months before I started Focus Ratings I also started a small blog which detailed my learning curve with all things Horse Racing.

Once Focus Ratings was under way though, I found that I didn't have time to do both and so I stopped updating the blog.

I am now shutting down the blog and have decided to move some of the content over here - purely for your amusement only.

When I first started getting interested in horse racing (all of two years ago) I thirsted for information and....

One of the sites that fulfilled my need for good common sense advice was...

Not only is the site full of interesting articles and tutorials, it is, almost uniquely in the horse racing field, equally not filled with adverts for bookmakers special offers and such like!

In other words, a comfortable site to visit and...

One that you stay on longer than you thought you would (or had initially planned!)

So, who is Paul Whelan?

Paul Whelan, the author of is, in his own words...

"editor of the SkyBlueKangaroo horse racing and betting systems blog from 2008 to date. In 2004 Paul launched SkyBlueKangaroo with Scott Daniels, and together they ran the blog for four years. In 2010 Paul created and launched the Horse Racing Trends statistical analysis service.

Outside of writing, tweeting and blogging about horse racing, Paul is a keen cyclist and a proud father of three boys. He is hopelessly addicted to caffeine."

What, of course, Paul neglects to mention is that he, almost alone in the trade, does not share a personal predilection for wearing striped shirts (at least, not in public?)

Perhaps he is just shy?

Anyway, even if he doesn't wear striped shirts, he does seem to know an awful lot about Horse Racing!

A great introduction to his philosophy can be seen in this video...

And what was his site called, again?

Well, I could ask... "Which one?"

You see, as well as the wonderful Paul also runs which is his blog and... from where he sells his excellent eBook, Patterns in the Sand which Paul explains as....

"My aim when compiling this book is first to show you how to produce your own speed ratings, but then more importantly to show you how to use these figures effectively in your betting strategy…. I want to show you how to read those “patterns in the sand”."

The chapter on Winning Betting Strategies (and the accompanying 8 rules) struck a real chord in my heart!

Affiliate Alert!

Just so that you know, I am not an affiliate of Paul's - if you decide to Patterns in the sand then I'll make the grand total of... "Nothing at all/Not a Penny (not even a centime!)" out of it!

And, if I can endorse something that doesn't earn me a penny then...

What greater recommendation is there than that?

Paul also runs HorseRacingTrends and, not content with that...

He seems to pop up all over the place doing guest blogs for other people such as...

1). Here at where he talks about... What everyone ought to know about losing runs. and...

2). Here, at about.. How we buy betting systems because we are lazy.

And what can be found on the site?

Well, there are plenty of freebies as well as all the free advice and information liberally scattered about.

You could start by looking at the... Join Today page which gets you...

1). A free copy of the eBook ‘Betting For Profit’

2). A 10-part course (also free) and an ongoing email newsletter.

3). Fresh insights, tips, and guidance on how to enjoy more betting success, just as soon as it’s published

4). Actionable ideas and tactics. Thoughts and tools to help you create your own unique betting systems and strategies

5). Guest articles from other people Paul thinks ‘get it’ when it comes to betting successfully on horse racing

6). An organised reference guide to the ‘best of the best’ that’s appeared here at SkyBlueKangaroo over the years, and how it all fits together.

7). Independent reviews of betting systems and services

And you get all of the above for the low, low price of... "Nothing at all!"

Yes, that's right - it's all free!

So, summing up...

I promise you, if you do decide to pay a visit to you'll be there a lot longer than you planned!

You see, there's so much good stuff just lying around waiting to be read!

In fact, I have been so consistently impressed with the site over the last two years that...

I'm going to suck up my courage and ask Paul if he'd mind being our next victim interviewee here at Horse Racing Scholar!

You see, I'm really rather keen to ask him...

a). Where did the name, Sky Blue Kangaroo come from?

b). Is he embarrassed by being the only man in Horse Racing not to wear a striped shirt? And...

c). That beard - mistake or not?

As well as many other tantalisingly deep and thoughtful questions about Horse Racing, Blogging, Writing and...

The joys of wearing lycra cycling shorts!

keith-eckstein  the horse racing scholar



Have you visited

Are you as impressed as me?

Feel free to leave a comment if you have something to say.

Your opinion is valued!


Links and further study...

1). Frankel: The Wonder Horse - Champions Day, Ascot 20 October 2012, saw Frankel win his 14th race, a 100 per cent win record, and a truly outstanding performance confirming his status as a superstar. Frankel: The Wonder Horse is the complete illustrated story of the world's best racehorse. The book charts the superstar's career from his birth through each of his races to his 'retirement' at Banstead Manor Stud. Frankel set the bar higher than any horse has ever done through utterly memorable performances and the book relives these races and the incredible training feat by Sir Henry Cecil. Assembled from the archives of the Racing Post, the book includes contributions from all his connections as well as a complete record of all his races and full statistics of his phenomenal career. Fully illustrated with stunning photographs from the Racing Post's archives.

Get the book here... Frankel: The Wonder Horse.

2). Kauto Star: A Steeplechasing Legend - It is widely accepted in the world of jump racing that Kauto Star is the best steeplechaser since the immortal Arkle half a century ago. The only horse ever to have regained the Cheltenham Gold Cup crown, and a scarcely credible five-time winner of the other classic of the jumps season, the King George VI Chase at Kempton Park, Kauto Star has posted an extraordinary record during eight seasons racing in Britain. But it is what lies behind the statistics which make the Kauto Star story so compelling: the rivalry with stable companion Denman, his next-door neighbour in the Somerset yard of trainer Paul Nicholls; the fallibility expressed in his earlier chasing years by the heart-stopping habit of making at least one major blunder in a big race; the apparently terminal slump in his form as he reached veteran status, which only made the resurrection more glorious. Kauto Star: A Steeplechasing Legend tells that uplifting story as it unfolded through the pages of the Racing Post and the incomparable photographic skills of the Post's photographers, to make a worthy celebration of the life and career of one of jump racing's all-time greats.

Get the book here... Kauto Star: A Steeplechasing Legend

3). Precision: Statistical and Mathematical Methods in Horse Racing - "Precision ... Statistical and Mathematical Methods in Horse Racing" thoroughly discusses the mathematical and statistical methods in handicapping and betting techniques. Differentiations, combinatorics, normal distribution, kernel smoothing and other mathematical and statistical tools are introduced. The jargons and equations are kept to a minimum so that it is easy to understand for most readers. More than 20 professional programs are freely available to download, which can allow readers to easily apply the methodology introduced in the book.

Get the book here... Precision: Statistical and Mathematical Methods in Horse Racing

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