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Words of Wisdom – 1

albert-einsteinAs I mentioned yesterday...

One of the members has taken upon himself the unenviable task of educating me about horse racing.

And he has kindly agreed to let me publish the content of the emails that he has sent to me.

I have decided to publish the emails as separate posts as, in my opinion, they really do need to be read separately and pondered over.

But first, a big, big thank you to LadyM for trying to educate me and for allowing me to publish his words.

The Missing Link - Email One

I have a few hours to spare before racing and I don't fancy a walk so I will try and explain where the missing link is.

But, once you have chewed it over, please do not change what you are doing for those races that you can rate so accurately.

Here goes - if Frankel ran against one of David Evans milers (he runs over the all weather) Frankel would win by 50 plus lengths.

But they both look like race horses - they might even be the progeny of the same sire but it's more likely Dave's beast would be from a lesser sire.

There is a tremendous difference in ability between horses.

Horse racing is made up of a number of multi-million pound businesses; all of which are built on a less than solid basis.

The two main types are studs and top trainers. If you ever have the chance to go around a stud farm, do so - wealth oozes out of every corner.

Or go around a successful trainer's house - they live well - very well.

There are other businesses, of course.

Bookmakers, race course ownership, even people who turn out race ratings!

Who pays for all of this - who pays the stud farm £100,000 a pop to get their mare in fold?

In the main part the rich, the titled and the aspiring of the parish.

These are the most competitive, vain and determined people on the planet. If they have everything, what else do they need to feed their lust and desires?

In the horse racing world - it's winners and winners of big races.

Hold these observations while I continue.

Rich men with expensive cars do not go to the local garage to have their car serviced.

And rich men with expensive horses do not go to their local trainer to train their horses - they go to the best that money can buy.

Those chosen trainers can only succeed in gathering up the rich man's training fees by winning top races.

Now the way in which you train a horse for a top race is different from training an average horse.

Also even top horses only win one or two top races in a life time.

I have had bits of horses with both Sir Henry C and David Evans and have stood and watched the horses go through their paces with both trainers.

Henry specialised with fillies and, from the moment they came into the yard as yearlings (in November/December), their training was aimed at the Oaks when the beast was three.

During this time they would have a number of races and win a few minor races on the way.

The Oaks winner is a valuable animal as a brood mare so, not only winning a big pot in prize money (and the bragging rights among one's contemporaries), you also have a beast which is worth a lot more than the £100,000 plus that was paid for the beast in the first place.

Out of the clutch of yearlings which arrive every Nov/Dec, only one or two make the grade - the rest would be sold off for a lot less than the £100k plus.

Henry, with the total support of his owners, trained the horses for one or two specific races and to prove that the horse is a champion.

David has owners who are, in the main, more comfortable at Wolverhampton on a Saturday night than at Ascot, all suited and booted.

Although not fabulously rich, they can still splash a few quid on their hobby.

So David buys cheap yearlings from unfashionable sires and horses who have not made the grade with other trainers.

His method of training the horse is totally different.

When last I was there he had a 9 metre square sand pit with deep sand and a new arrival had a session every day in the pit to get them fit - if they broke down they were removed from the stable - once fit they were run many times in grade 4/5/6 handicaps.

Sometimes they won and sometimes they did not.

He would ready one up for a plunge 10 times a year and, in most cases, would pull it off.

The owners were delighted - I myself paid for my son's university education with Diamond Decorum which was readied three years in a row.

David has close on a 100 winners a year - Henry, when he was on song, used to have about 100 winners.

Who was the better trainer?

They trained different type of horses to win different types of races for total different types of owners.

More to follow....

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As always...

My kindest regards


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  1. jean bousquet says:

    Very interesting insight from an insider.
    I look forward to read the next article!

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