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Words of Wisdom – 2

albert-einsteinOne of the members has taken upon himself the unenviable task of educating me about horse racing.

And he has kindly agreed to let me publish the content of the emails that he has sent to me.

I have decided to publish the emails as separate posts as, in my opinion, they really do need to be read separately and pondered over.

Yesterday I published the first article - you can see it here... Words of Wisdom - 1

Once again, a big, big thank you to LadyM for trying to educate me and for allowing me to publish his words.

What are the "big" meetings and why? - Email Two


And on we go but, before I go onto the big meetings and why they are different, I will continue with David and Henry and jockeys.

David has had many jockeys and even more apprentices riding his horses

Few of the apprentices came to anything and at least one is still in jail - they were what I call boy racers and like all boy racers, when it comes to the real thing they either make it (less than 1 percent make it), damage the car/ horse, damage themselves or bottle it.

Most bottle it because they don't have the knowledge or the nerve.

However if he (David) was readying a horse then a trusted jockey was on board.

When I had horses with him, it was John Egan; he then went to Hong Kong where there is still an arrest warrant out for him (and if he went back he would get 5 years, if found guilty.)

I see that he's back with David and your ratings pinpointed his winner at Wolves tonight (5th Dec.) I had a right punt on the animal.

Henry, on the other hand, always had his jockey (or jockeys) and they rode all his horses in all their races and on the gallops.

This is because he needed the feed back so that he could tweak the training to suit the horse.

Henry aimed his horses at specific races (i.e. Oaks etc.)

The horse had one go at that race and therefore every angle had to be covered, including walking through the race with his jockey to ensure that the horse has the max opportunity of success.

All top trainers do this.

If David had one ready for a punt then a certain amount of planning would take place but, if the punt failed, there would be another day or another horse.

A different mentality.

Now why are the Cheltenham Open Meeting Nov, Cheltenham March meeting, Royal Ascot and Glorious Goodwood important?

It is because there are many (most, in fact) races at these festivals that are valuable and prestigious.

These are the ones that top owners (who have paid top money for the horse and pay top whack training fees with top trainers) want to win.

Cheltenham and Ascot are hospitality bean feasts.

The people arrive at 11.00am and eat and drink to a very high standard until after racing.

The top owners and their families, friends and business associates; and they all want bragging rights.

Their trainers know this and will ensure that they have winners.

If they do not achieve this then their owners will start to disappear, as will the trainers' gilded live styles.

In every race there is a number of horses who have been readied to win and to find them by going through the bare form is not enough.

Goodwood might not have as many feeding troughs at the race course but that part of Sussex is heaving with the great and the good.

All week there'll be parties, dinners and receptions.

And, what do the great and good want?

Bragging rights.

And what do their trainers do?

Yes, you guessed.

They make sure that they have winners.

In many cases these horses have been aimed at a particular race for a year or more in advance.

Their true form and ability has been well hidden.

In every case they are ridden by their trusted top jockey and detailed discussions have taken place between trainer and jockey to ensure that the horse has the best opportunity of winning.

If you analyse the races won by the top 20 trainers under both rules by maiden winners, non handicap races up to £10k, up to £40k, £40k plus and handicap races of value £30k plus you see that the likes of David Evans do not get a sniff.

Why are top races are won by horses who are the progeny of top sires?

More to follow....

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