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Words of Wisdom – 3

albert-einsteinOne of the members has taken upon himself the unenviable task of educating me about horse racing.

And he has kindly agreed to let me publish the content of the emails that he has sent to me.

I have decided to publish the emails as separate posts as, in my opinion, they really do need to be read separately and pondered over.

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Yesterday I published the first article - you can see it here... Words of Wisdom - 2

Once again, a big, big thank you to LadyM for trying to educate me and for allowing me to publish his words.

Sires and ratings - Email Three


Here goes...

But first, did you notice how much of the total prize money on offer on Saturday (6/12/2104) was won by the great and the good, their top trainers and top jockeys.

Christmas bonus came early.

Top sires produce top race horses which cost dollar and are bought by top (rich) owners who send them to top trainers and ensure that they are ridden by top jockeys - it has always been thus!

The gestation period for a horse is approximately 320 days.

The shagging season is from April to June which means that the foals are born Feb to May.

All races horses have their birthday on 1st January in Northern hemisphere and 1st June in Southern Hemisphere.

In UK and Ireland my guess is that there would be in excess of 3000 born every year which means there are in excess of 3000 brood mares.

A stallion can service 150 max which is one a day - even if they keep taking the pills that is some going. Most do a lot less.

There must be 100 active stallions available - this universe is constantly changing - stallions die, become bored with the whole activity, become out of favour which means that new or first season stallions come onto the scene every year.

This provides an interesting mix.

All the top flat races are won by horses sired by top stallions which is why stud farms who own top stallions can charge £100k plus a pop.

The price per pop can be as low as £2k.

Owners of top stallions need their progeny to win big races and therefore ensure that only top mares are serviced by their stallion - they will only allow mares who have gained 'black type' to be serviced.

Black type is gain when a filly/mare is placed in a listed or group race.

Race horse breeding has been going on for a couple of hundred years and some of the best minds have been used to select the the best breeding.

As I write, many of the great and good from the Queen downwards will be poring over the stud book and race results with their advisers deciding on whom should mate with whom.

From 5 furlong specialists to those who can win Gold Cups 2 miles plus are all bred into the new foals; so, what are the variables?

Sprinters 5 to 6 furlongs

7 furlong specialist


10 furlongs

A mile and a half - Derby and Arc distance


Soft ground specialists

Hard ground specialists

Sand and other artificial specialists

Fast 2 year olds which do not train on

Those that improve from 2 to 3 years

Those that improve from 3 to 4

Those that do not train on from 3 to 4

These are all attributes which can be passed down through the sire.

And the breeding programme can re-inforce these attributes.

One would not breed a sprinter with a distance horse in hope of getting a miler - you would get a mess!

These are variables so how does it help the ratings?

2 year olds

If you have the stats for stallions winners by distance, month won and value of race a two year old race can be rated by sire - well, that can be very useful. Especially when a horse is upped in distance.

3 years olds

Same as above plus but, does the progeny of a particular sire train on?

Some do and some don't.

This also proves an indication as to what happens when upped in trip and what is likely to be the optimum distance

4 year olds and above

Do they train on and, if so, what is best trip?

All horses

Do they go on rock hard, good or soft.

I have found this very useful; if only to avoid betting something whose form of both the horse and the sire is hot/today's going.

National Hunt

When upped in distance (especially 3 miles plus), how many progeny has a sire produced that have won at distance and what value was the race.

If a sire has produced no winners over 2 miles 6 furlongs out of say 100 - 200 runners etc.

More to follow....

5 star ratingsOnce again, if you've got anything to say about Focus Ratings, please wander over to Focus Ratings Review and have your say.

As always...

My kindest regards


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