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Morning News-2022-01-22

6620418Good morning... Another spectacular day for Intelligent Betting yesterday... We had 5 selections but one of them was abandoned. Lingfield - 1:50 - Frero Banbou - Win Bet - 1st @ 3.25 ISP (3.63 BSP) Lingfield - 15:00 - Fantastikas - Win Bet - 1st @ 3.50 ISP (3.62 BSP) Market Rasen - 15:15 - Hunny Moon - Win Bet - AB Lingfield - 15:35 - Metier - Win Bet - 1st @ 3.75 ISP (4.20 BSP) Lingfield - 15:35 - Metier - Place Bet - 1st @ 1.93 BSP It's amazing what a difference a little tweak makes. Intelligent Betting is now the 3rd highest service independently proofed to Racing Index. 2022-01-22--1642819480_1085x562_scrot A 51% strike rate and a 51% profit on turnover seems a pretty good deal to me. You can find out more here... Intelligent Betting

Morning News – 2022/01/21

6620418Good morning... Yesterday, I sent out an email to all Intelligent Betting full members. To be completely transparent, I have decided to reproduce it here so that those of you who might be Intelligent Betting Free members can see what is going on. Good Morning Just a quick heads up that, as of this morning, there is another (additional) service on the daily selections email. Since we made the tweak to the Intelligent Betting selections (on November 18th 2021) we have seen a rise in profitability for the selections but, also, we have noticed that when our selections don't come first, they very often get placed. I have done some analysis and have worked out when it is appropriate to place bet the R1 selections (basically, the number of runners is the only additional filter.) I am calling these bets R2 (Place Bet) selections and I shall be proofing them to Racing Index as well as the normal R1 selections. Today there is 1 R2 (Place Bet) selection (which, obviously, is also an R1 selection.) We should expect to get about 6 of these additional bets a week and, historically they have achieved a 79.59% strike rate with a POI (assuming a 2% Betfair commission) of 24.09% Below are the selections over the last 2 months (since the tweak) to a 20 point bank... daily-20-point-bank As you can see, the longest losing run is 6 selections over a 3 day period. We could, actually, bet to a 10 point bank (although there might be some bottom burping moments.) Below are the selections to a 10 point bank... daily-10-point-bank As you can see, we double the bank (to level stakes) over a 2 month period. Now, I know that questions will be asked about staking and, whilst I can only report to level stakes, I have taken a look at what happens if you compound your bets (with a daily reconcilliation) to a 10 point bank. daily-compounded-10-point-bank As you can see, this nearly triples the bank over a 2 month period. Obviously, you are under no obligation to use these selections (maybe you don't like Place Betting) but I felt that I needed to explain both their appearence on the selections PDF and the rational behind them. My kindest regards Keith Yesterday there was one selection; Ludlow - 15:30 - Another Venture - R2 (Place Bet) - 2nd @ 1.44 So, a good start for us. The thing about any systematic approach to horse racing is that it has to be constantly reviewed and tweaked. By adding the tweak that we implemented on the 18th of November 2021 the service (Intelligent Betting) has improved so that it is now the 4th highest service independently proofed to Racing Index. 2022-01-21--1642736450_1105x581_scrot As you can see, over the last exact month, Intelligent Betting has had a strike rate of 45% and a POT (profit on turnover) of 30.30% to BSP (assuming a 5% commission.)

Morning News – 2022/01/18

6620418Good morning... I have started doing the work looking at historical results where a horse is selected by more than one selection service. It is slow work but... So far the results are interesting. It seems that if a horse is selected by Advance Ratings System Selections, Early Bird Ratings Platinum Selections, R9 Portfolio Selections and Investment Betting Selections... Then the strike rate is very high. This seems logical but I do need to go back over the last month to get some actual numbers. I shall be presenting these over the next few days and then, Offering a 2 week free trial to anyone interested in the daily selections.

Morning News – 2022-01-17

6620418Good morning... One of the things that I shall be looking at this week... Is how to use the various services that Focus Ratings members get to produce a portfolio of selections. So, I shall be looking at the performance of the Early Bird selections, the Investment Betting selections and he new R9 Portfolio selections to see if there any trends, Specifically if the same horse is selected by all three services.

Morning News – 2022-01-12

6620418Good morning... Today I shall be installing some updates on some of the horse racing websites. This means that they might be temporarily unavailable at certain points throughout the day. On other news... My client work is just about finished and so, I will have far more time to concentrate on the horse racing stuff. It's been a strange Christmas and New Year for me but, I did take down my Christmas tree on Sunday and am now back to normal duty.

Morning News – 10/01/2022

6620418Good morning... Well... With a fresh start to the week and, Most of my other work almost done, I should be able to concentrate more on the horse racing stuff this week. I have some admin work to do today (and, possibly tomorrow) but then... It'll be on to taking another look at some of the systems that I've been working on for the various services.

Morning News – 06/01/2022

6620418Good morning... My client work is coming to an end so... I should have more time for the horse racing stuff from now on. Over the Christmas break I did manage to get some work done; I decided to take a look at Place Betting the top rated horse in 16 runner (plus) handicaps. By only using races where the top rated horse has a FC price (my forecast) of 3.0 or greater and, Discarding any 5 or 6 furlong races and... Using selected race types, I get about 6 races a week, a strike rate of 53.31% and a POI (Profit on Investment) of 21.18% If anyone wants to take a look at the spreadsheet, just let me know.

Morning News – 04/01/2022

6620418Good morning... Well... It seems ages since I last did a Morning News. This wasn't intended but, one of my clients had an emergency job that I had to work almost literally day and night to complete. There's still a bit more work to do but the majority of work has been done. So, back to concentrating on horse racing stuff for me. I've got a lot of catching up to do but the main project is to complete the Focus Ratings price rise. Don't worry, if you are a Focus Ratings member you will always pay the price you signed up at; the price rise only affects new members.

Morning News – 20/12/2021

6620418Good morning... A bout of food poisoning last week caused me to be less communicative than I would normally like to be. However, just in time for Christmas, all seems to be well now. I shall be working today, tomorrow and Wednesday and then... Taking my annual 4 day break over the Christmas period.

Morning News – 08/12/2021

6620418Good morning... The best laid plans of mice and men... I had good plans for yesterday (as I mentioned yesterday morning) but... There was a database problem and, as a result, the data for the meeting at Southwell didn't load. So, I ended up spending most of the morning trying to get that sorted out. I eventually fixed the problem and today's early morning test ratings show ratings for 38 races at today's 5 meetings. So, yesterday wasn't as productive as I would have like. I'll need to catch up today.

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