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Morning News – 01/12/2020

6620418Good morning... I stopped working at about 12:15 yesterday when... I realised that I'd spent about 30 hours (over the last few says) trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. The issue is that I was trying to get the Early Bird Ratings system selections to come out in the evening before race day. Unfortunately, those system selections rely on a database table that gets updated early in the morning. So, the Early Bird Ratings system selections will now come out in the morning at about 6am. And I'll try to get back the 30 hours of work time that I've wasted.

Morning News – 30/11/2020

6620418Good morning... Well... A busy week lies ahead of me as I try to clear my desk of all my outstanding tasks and, Finish my outstanding projects. I do have to say... That I'm still slightly reeling from the two 10/1 winners for EarlyBird Ratings on Saturday. That was a nice surprise.

Morning News – 27/11/2020

6620418Good morning... I spent most of yesterday working on the Early Bird Ratings Builder and... Managed to get another couple of systems worked out yesterday. I've got another 4 or 5 to work through today. I've also got a bunch of admin work to go through in order to prepare for year end. Last year I ended up doing my accounts over the Christmas break and, Vowed, Never, Never again.

Morning News – 26/11/2020

6620418Good morning... I would like to apologise for not doing a Morning News yesterday. I think that, because I worked through the weekend, it sort of caught up with me and I overslept. This has sort of put me a day behind. I thought that it might be a good idea to explain how I come up with systems... I start off with a concept; it has to be logical and make sense. One concept I like is Badly Beaten Favourites. The logic is as follows... If the horse was the favourite in its last race then the betting public and the bookmakers must have thought that it was the best horse in the race. If the horse was badly beaten, that will show up on the horse's form and, as a result, punters will shy away. That means that the horse will be undervalued. Now, if the horse is running very soon after its last (disastrous) race... That shows that the Trainer has faith in the horse. I ran that query through the new Builder on Early Bird Ratings and this is what I got... badly-beaten-faves-recent-returners Click on the image to see it full size. A couple of dozen simple and logical systems like the one above might make a pretty decent betting portfolio. By using the Early Bird ratings you have more time to analyse the selections and, potentially get on the better early prices (or Best Odds Guaranteed.)

Morning News – 24/11/2020

6620418Good morning... I spent most of yesterday getting the Builder working for Early Bird Ratings members. In the process I've come up with a few pretty sweet systems. I'll be publishing them tomorrow. Although Early Bird Ratings sues exactly the same formula as Focus Ratings... It does seem to come up with higher priced winners. Also, and obviously, sometimes there is the opportunity to snag higher prices or BOG (Best Odds Guaranteed.) Everything should be done and dusted for EarlyBird Ratings today and then I'll move on to getting the Builder on Intelligent Betting sorted out.

Morning News – 23/11/2020

6620418Good morning... Over the weekend I added the back end for the Builder on Early Bird Ratings. From my testing everything looks as if it works. I also added the Builder to Intelligent Betting. I need to add the bit where the selections are automatically sent out but, although fiddly and time consuming... That's not too difficult to do.

Morning News – 20/11/2020

6620418Good morning... You know... We're a funny lot over here in Brittany. Or, at least, In the part of "back of beyond, middle of nowhere, stuck in the 1950's Brittany" where I choose to live. We seem to be pretty weird. Spotted at the Thursday morning market yesterday... SDC10192
The strange thing is that... No-one seemed to notice. SDC10187
Early Bird Ratings Now, most of what I have to say today is about Early Bird Ratings... I have installed the Builder for Early Bird Ratings; I have spent a lot of time testing the Builder, There may still be some errors to resolve but... They are really kind of easy to resolve. I am going to allow anyone to access the Early Bird Ratings Builder but... In order to access the ratings, they will need to be members of I now have to write the code to allow members of EarlyBird Ratings to allow them to save their systems and get automatic alerts when they get a System Selection. Screenshot_2020-11-20_02-34-51 Click on the image to see it full size. I shall come up with some base systems that I will share with EarlyBird Ratings members; the one shown above is the sort of thing that I mean.

Morning News – 19/11/2020

6620418Good morning... Yesterday was a pretty good day where... Nothing went wrong and at least some work got done. I've got a fair bit to do today and not all of it is racing related. However, it's market day today and... That's always a bit of a distraction for me so, I"m not going to make any promises as to how much work actually gets done.

Morning News – 18/11/2020

6620418Good morning... I do apologise for the lack of a Morning News yesterday. Somehow I managed to get 10 hours sleep and, by the time I got up, it was far too late. That's sort of put me behind on a few other tasks but I am catching up. I will be offline for a couple of hours today as I have to do an OS upgrade to my email machine. However, I tested the upgrade on my programming machine yesterday and... That went very well.

Morning News – 16/11/2020

6620418Good morning... After a great weekend off... I am going all out today to get the Builder installed on EarlyBird Ratings. Obviously this will only work for the early ratings (Focus Ratings members can access these via the new Builder Plus) but it may help with strategies for Early Bird members. At the same time I shall be taking a look at the Diamonds and Gold strategy. Every systematical approach to betting should be audited every now and again and I think that the time has come for this to happen for Diamonds and Gold. Perhaps the Builder will help me identify some tweaks to make Diamonds and Gold more consistent.

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