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Morning News – 16/09/2021

6620418Good morning... Another very good day... Especially for the Focus Ratings R9 Portfolio selections with all 5 place bets winning (or being placed.) As I mentioned on Tuesday, I have come up with a new strategy for place betting one selection a day, based upon the R9 ratings. I am still plowing through the historical results and I am seeing a terrible strike rate of just over 65% but... At an average price of 2.20. At those prices we only need a strike rate of 50% to give a 10% profit on turnover. I am going to complete the historical results and then am going to apply the same strategy to a single win bet each day. Once that is done I shall write a post explaining it all and showing links to the spreadsheet. Exciting times - please bear with me until I get it all finished.

Morning News – 14/09/2021

6620418Good morning... A pretty good day all round, yesterday... With Place Profits, Investment Betting, Advance Ratings and Early Bird Ratings selections all profitable. I have updated the AntePostRatings site with all races shown by the Racing Post Big Race Entries races now rated and shown. I have also found a new way of Place Betting based upon the new R9 Portfolio selections. I shall be explaining this to you tomorrow.

Morning News – 13/09/2021

6620418Good morning... This is going to be a busy week for me. Today I need to update the results for the Ante Post Ratings for the weekend races. I am also going to slightly change the PDF so that it shows the price available at the time of the creation of the ratings. Today I shall be adding the Ante Post Ratings for the Vertem Futurity Trophy Stakes (Group 1) - Doncaster - 23rd October. There is one Listed race at St Cloud (Fr) tomorrow; I will be producing the SpotLight Ratings for that race today.

Morning News – 01/09/2021

6620418Good morning... Overall, yesterday was a pretty good day. Three out of the four Investment Betting selections won and... The only Earlybird Ratings Diamond and Gold selection also won. Today I shall be working on getting Compass Ratings ready for the re-start of racing in Hong Kong. I shall be looking at additional strategies to improve the already blindly profitable ratings.

Morning News – 31/08/2021

6620418Good morning... I am still sort of catching up on the backlog of work but, one of the things I shall be focusing on are the Focus Ratings R9 Portfolio results. This is very exciting for me as it is basically a new way of betting on horse racing. A bit like dutching but more logical. This is what happened yesterday...

R9 Portfolio Selections

These were yesterday's selections... Advised Bet - 5 points bet on one race. Race 1 - Downpatrick - 13:10 - Hurricane Georgie (Place Bet) - 5 Points - 2nd @ 1.46 (2.254 points profit) Bankers Bets - 10 points bet on 2 races. Race 1 - Downpatrick - Hurricane Georgie (Place Bet) - 4.70 Points - 2nd @ 1.46 (2.1184 points profit) Race 7 - Epsom - 16:20 - Patient Dream (Place Bet) - 5.30 Points - 1st @ 1.65 (3.3761 points profit) Chancers Bets - 10 points bet on 3 races. Race 2 - Ripon - 14:30 - Myristica (Place Bet) - 0.50 Points - 3rd (0.50 points loss) Race 2 - Ripon - 14:30 - Howzer Black (Win Bet) - 1.78 Points - 1st @ 8.4 (13.172 points profit) Race 2 - Ripon - 14:30 - Howzer Black (Place Bet) - 0.75 Points - 1st @ 3.53 (1.8595 points profit) Race 3 -Downpatrick - 14:45 - Ruler Of Dubai (Win Bet) - 2.34 Points - 5th (2.34 points loss) Race 3 - Downpatrick - 14:45 - Ruler Of Dubai (Place Bet) - 1.04 Points - 5th (1.04 points loss) Race 12 - Roscommon - 18:45 - Wajaaha (Win Bet) - 2.42 Points - 10th (2.42 points loss) Race 12 - Roscommon - 18:45 - Dance Emperor (Place Bet) - 1.17 Points - 7th (1.17 points loss) Place Bets - 10 points bet on top 5 place selections. Race 2 - Ripon - 14:30 - Howzer Black (Place Bet) - 3.27 Points - 1st @ 3.53 (8.1076 points profit) Race 3 - Downpatrick - 14:45 - Ruler Of Dubai (Place Bet) - 1.92 Points - 5th (1.92 points loss) Race 8 - Epsom - 16:55 - Yanifer (Place Bet) - 1.68 Points - 4th (1.68 points loss) Race 8 - Epsom - 16:55 - Curtiz (Place Bet) - 0.93 Points - at @ 1.53 (0.4830 points profit) Race 12 - Roscommon - 18:45 - Dance Emperor (Place Bet) - 2.20 Points - 7th (2.20 points loss) Basically, the Advised bet is the safest race of the day. The Bankers Bet are those bets on the safest two races of the day and... The Chancers bet are those bets on the 3 races that have the highest Race Reward/Risk Ratios. Thje Place bets are the top 5 place bets based upon Reward/Risk Ratios.

Morning News – 28/08/2021

6620418Good morning... Well, after a couple of good night's sleep I seem to be back on track. I have a whole list of things that I'm planning to do, what I've promised to do and things that I want to do; I'll be hitting that list on Monday. For the moment I need to update you on a couple of things... ROFT - Those of you who are Intelligent Betting full members need to be aware that Roy is now on holiday for a week. Thus there will be no ROFT (Roy's One For Today) selections for the next week. ROFT is doing well at the moment; 2021-08-28--1630130856_575x400_scrot Morning News - I am going to start sending out the Morning News later than normal from next week (as tomorrow is Sunday, there will be no Morning News) as it seems a bit silly for me to rush to get it out early.

Morning News – 14/08/2021

6620418Good morning... Well, it seems to that time of the year again... That time of the year when I'm rather happy that I'm not Jewish or Muslim or a Vegetarian or Vegan. Not that I have any problems with any of those religions - I'm a pretty easy going guy but... It's that time of the year where I do admit that I do like eating well cooked little bits of dead pig. Yes, the Pig Roast has come to town. SDC10164 It does this every year, around about this time. Personally, I think that it's a Government plot to corrupt Vegetarians and Vegans but, I am kind of biased as I spent my first 8 years in France working in a Pig Abattoir. As a result I got staff discount on our products and fully made the most use of that. I do have to warn you that tomorrow, Sunday (15th of August) is a Bank Holiday but... As I don't generally do a Morning News on Sundays, that shouldn't affect you. Anyway - today my main priority is to try to get some work done whilst the pig is getting spit roasted across the market square. That is going to be a major challenge but I shall do my best. However, as I've had a hard start to the week (with my sleep problems), I shall also be doing some catch up work over the weekend. Primarily, I shall be defining the new Focus Ratings R9 strategy so that you can all understand all the opportunities within. Then, next week I'll be catching up on admin work but also trying to get on top of Spotlight Ratings and AntePost Ratings. They have both suffered a bit over the last few months - I do need to catch up. In a Ideal World... In an ideal world... Tomorrow I'll get my Skype machine working and I'll be more available to those of you who just want to have a chat. The machine that I intend to use actually has a faulty sound card/circuit; that has wasted me an awful lot of time trying to diagnose the problem (you wouldn't believe how many hours that I have wasted) but I have bought an external USB sound card and that should solve the issue.

Morning News – 13/08/2021

6620418Good morning... I apologise for not doing the Morning News for the last couple of days... Since we had the fair in the village my sleep has been rather disturbed and my routine is all over the place. As a result, today the selections and so forth will be coming out a little later than normal. If I get a good night's sleep tonight then things should start getting back to normal.

Morning News – 09/08/02021

6620418Good morning... What should have been a nice quiet weekend... Actually involved quite a lot of work. My new Admin system (which is supposed to make my life easier) has been causing me a few problems. They are all logical problems and, once sorted out, they won't re-occur. Teething problems, in other words. I've also been taking a look at the Focus Ratings R9 Portfolio selections... I'm quite happy with the Place Betting option; yesterday we had the normal 5 best Place Betting Bets of the day. R9 Portfolio Place Selections Place Bets - 10 Points bet on top 5 Place selections. Race 2 - Windsor - 14:05 - Joi Choi (Place Bet) - 2.29 Points - 2nd @ 1.28 (0.6283 points profit) Race 2 - Windsor - 14:05 - Molly Shaw (Place Bet) - 1.40 Points - NR Race 3 - Downpatrick - 14:40 - Natural Breeze (Place Bet) - 1.96 Points - 4th @ 1.75 (1.4406 points profit) Race 4 - Leicester - 14:50 - Whitehaven (Place Bet) - 2.49 Points - NR Race 5 - Curragh - 16:10 - Go Bears Go (Place Bet) - 1.83 Points - 3rd @ 1.27 (0.4842) As you can see, 2 of those were non-runners. The remaining 3 bets were all successfully placed. 2.5531 point profit was made to the 6.11 points staked (taking the non-runners into account.) I am looking at a number of filters to further improve the performance of the Place Betting selections but, also, I have decided to change the philosophy behind the Advised Bet and the Bankers Bet so that they no longer are based upon the races with highest Race Reward/Risk Ratios but, instead, are the two safest races of the day. The Chancers Bet will remain as those three races with the highest Race Reward/Risk Ratios. This sort of brings the selections/strategy in line with the original Portfolio selections (now discontinued) that I launched back in 2014.

Morning News – 07/08/2021

6620418Good morning... Firstly, I would like to apologise to those of you who were affected with yesterday's update to my new client management system. It appears that a few of you had your accounts locked and, as a result, didn't receive your ratings/selections. From what I have deduced, this only happened to those of you who have cancelled your subscription and then re-subscribed (perhaps if your credit/debit card details have changed.) I believe that I am now on top of the situation and, even though it's a lot of hassle for me (and the few of you who have been affected), long term it will be a god send for me as the new system works as a virtual personal assistant and will save me loads of time. Moving on... Another astounding day for the Place Selections for the Focus Ratings R9 Portfolio Bets. This selects the best 5 Place Bets from the day's R9 Rated selections. These are bet to a total 10 points stake but the individual stakes are calculated to bet according to the individual Reward/Risk Ratios. Thus, more money is staked on those bets which will give you more return for a lower risk. Race 1 - Thirsk - 13:00 - Clodeva (Place Bet) - 3.09 Points - NR Race 2 - Brighton - 13:50 - Gherkin (Place Bet) - 2.30 Points - 6th (2.30 points loss) Race 5 - Tipperary - 17:00 - Harmony Rose (Place Bet) - 1.78 Points - 2nd @ 2.22 (2.1281 points profit) Race 6 - Tipperary - 17:30 - Indigo Balance (Place Bet) - 1.48 Points - 3rd @ 1.74 (1.0732 points profit) Race 7 - Haydock - 20:25 - Goldie Hawk (Place Bet) - 1.33 Points - 1st @ 1.82 (1.0687 points profit) 1.97 points profit to the 6.91 points staked (taking the non-runner into account.) Even the Chancers Bet was nicely profitable. This selects the best 3 races of the day and, once again, splits 10 points across the individual bets. These are the selections that I proof to Racing Index. Race 1 - Thirsk - 13:00 - Clodeva (Place Bet) - 2.31 Points - NR Race 6 - Tipperary - 17:30 - Indigo Balance (Win Bet) - 2.99 Points - 3rd (2.99 points loss) Race 6 - Tipperary - 17:30 - Indigo Balance (Place Bet) - 1.11 Points 3rd @ 1.74 (0.8049 points profit) Race 7 - Haydock - 20:25 - Goldie Hawk (Win Bet) - 2.57 Points - 1st @ 4.18 (8.009 points profit) Race 7 - Haydock - 20:25 - Goldie Hawk (Place Bet) - 0.99 Points - 1st @ 1.82 (0.7955 points profit) 6.6194 points profit to the 7.69 points staked (taking the non-runner into account.) If you are a Focus Ratings member you can get these selections for free. Place Profits members get the Place Selections for free. EarlyBird Ratings and Intelligent Betting (full or free) members can get a long term free trial just by asking. As tomorrow is Sunday, there will be no Morning News. I hope that on Monday I shall be able to explain the Lay Betting addition to the R9 Portfolio Strategy.

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