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Morning News

focus-ratings-mornoing newsGood morning...

I've not got much to say about yesterday's racing about I spent most of yesterday going shopping, running out of petrol and walking miles with a petrol can (in the rain),

Or, I suppose that should be walking kilometres as I live in France.

And when I got back, it was Wine O'Clock.

Having said that, I don't do much driving these days and I think that I haven't put petrol in the car since Christmas.

Perhaps that's why I ran out of petrol yesterday.

However, the good news is that the results weren't too bad yesterday and...

A mini project that I have been working on (to get historical Betfair data imported in to my Speed Ratings analysis table) has finally come to a conclusion.

Anyway, I'll get to that, firstly let's get on and take a quick look at yesterday's results in more detail....

Yesterday's Results

Yesterday's Results, show a strike rate (for our top rated horse) of 23.26%.

The Overall Profit Index. If you had blindly backed every top three rated horse in all of the races you would have had 96.61 units returned to 134 units staked. The Overall Profit Index was, thus, -27.9%

Top Rated Horse - If you had blindly backed the top rated horse in all of the races you would have had 34.33 units returned to 43 units staked. The Top Rated Profit Index was, thus, -20.16%

2nd Rated Horse - If you had blindly backed the second rated horse in all of the races you would have had 40.9 units returned to 46 units staked. The Second Rated Profit Index was, thus, -21.09%

3nd Rated Horse - If you had blindly backed the third rated horse in all of the races you would have had 21.38 units returned to 45 units staked. The Third Rated Profit Index was, thus, -52.49%


There were 2 forecasts yesterday.

Limerick 14:10:00 - The CSF paid €20.91

Doncaster 17:30:00 - The CSF paid £1.32

Reverse Forecasts

There were 2 reverse forecasts yesterday.

Sandown 14:35:00 - The CSF paid £12.74

Leicester 16:15:00 - The CSF paid £7.98


There was 1 trifecta yesterday.

Doncaster 17:30:00 - The Trifecta paid £1.30

Combination Trifectas

There was 1 combination trifecta yesterday.

Sandown 17:35:00 - The Trifecta paid £17.40


From the 44 rated races there were 23 winners (from the top 3 rated horses.) 5 of those were at nice prices.

Course Time Horse ISP BSP
Sandown 14:00 Lil Rockerfeller (3) 6.00 6.40
Limerick 14:10 Wardell (11) 5.50 6.25
Ripon 15:25 Pipers Note (2) 10.00 14.62
Wolverhampton (AW) 20:45 Waterloo Dock (4) 11.00 14.50
Wolverhampton (AW) 21:15 Istinfaar (5) 6.50 9.19

The Portfolio

There was neither a Banker's Bet nor a Chancer's Bet yesterday.

On the Portfolio Page there is now a link to the Banker's Bet Proofing Page and, also to the Chancer's Bet proofing page.

You may subscribe to my Portfolio. To do so, you need to go to your Members Page and change option 4 on the Your Profile bit.

If you haven't subscribed, the button will say Yes - just click on it and you'll be signed up.

Winter Upgrades

Finally, I have crossed a major milestone and have got historical Betfair prices in my Speed Ratings analysis table.

This means that I can produce a spreadsheet for you to look at and...

Do some analysis of my own.

Then, I have just one simple script to write (to automate some of the stuff that I'm still doing every morning) and that'll be it for the speed ratings.

Obviously, I still need to create a CSV version of the speed ratings but that's a fairly easy thing for me to do.

Then there's a few remaining Winter Upgrades to finish and then...

I'll be taking the summer off.

Apart from starting work on R5, of course!

It's been apparent, during the winter, that many of the difficulties that I've had doing the speed ratings have been down to my using a couple of consumer grade laptops to do all the calculations on.

So, I have just treated myself to a second hand server.

This is a glorious bit of kit (some "boys" get excited about cars or motorbikes - with me it's professional computer kit that turns me on!)

It's got a couple of Xeon processors, a tape backup drive and a raid array of fast SCSI hard drives.

It cost me all of £75 (including delivery) and would have cost about £5,000 when new, about 8 years ago.

Sure, it's a bit noisy and, when I turn it on, all the lights in the village dim but...

It's what I'll be using for my work on R5 and, really, I should have taken the plunge and bought it months ago to do the speed ratings work on.

I'll send in a picture of Wagner (all of my computers are named after composers) once I've re-arranged my desks to allow it to fit in (now scheduled for Monday afternoon) and, of course, polished it and put the go faster stripes on.


Today's early test ratings show 22 rated races from three meetings.

Every race is rated.

I shall be largely taking today off as it is the village's Vide Grenier (a sort of car boot sale which is really more of a social event rather than a buying/selling thing) and, as the weather looks like being lovely...

I think that a long walk in the forest is in order.

As you know, my cat died two weeks ago and things have been a bit weird for me ever since.

Although I didn't bury the cat in the forest (that's not allowed, apparently), I have found a nice quiet spot and have planted some flowers there.

And, from now on, when I walk to the supermarket every day, I'll go the long way through the forest rather than just going up the hill.

Thus turning a 5 minute walk into a 1 hour one - so that I can check on Sammy's flowers.

A long walk in the forest is often more productive than hours sat in front of the computers and may also have the benefit of slightly reducing what is fast becoming the "Biggest Belly in Brittany." Another side effect of spending way too many hours sat in front of the computers.

He was a good cat (well, most of the time he was a very bad and naughty cat) but we were together for 16 years and had more than a few adventures (moving to France and all that) and I've found that his going has put a big void in my life.

However, life goes on and I really need to put the grief behind me and get back to work.

I thank all of you for your patience regarding any emails that you may have sent me - I'll be knuckling down to sort them all out from tomorrow.

Have a great day's racing!

5 star ratingsOnce again, if you've got anything to say about Focus Ratings, please wander over to the Focus Ratings Review at Tipsters Review and have your say.

The income that we make from sign ups from that site keeps me in Red Wine and Smelly Cheese!

As always...

My kindest regards


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