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Morning News

focus-ratings-mornoing newsGood morning...

Another reasonable day yesterday (well, not too terrible) and I've been busy at the coal face so I didn't have too much time to watch the results coming in.

As you may have noticed, I've just published a post about Laying to Liability.

And I've got some things to say about the Place Betting Strategy, the Speed Ratings and Sherlock.

And there might even be a joke as well.

And I mustn't forget to mention that it was profitable to blindly bet the forecast in every race yesterday.

Anyway, I'll get to that, firstly let's get on and take a quick look at yesterday's results in more detail....

Yesterday's Results

Yesterday's Results, show a strike rate (for our top rated horse) of 21.21%.

Yesterday's Live Ratings, show a strike rate (for our top rated horse) of 20%.

Yesterday's - Link to Follow - results for All Races (including previously unrated races), show a strike rate (for our top rated horse) of 22.86% from all 35 Races (including previously unrated races.)

The Overall Profit Index. If you had blindly backed every top three rated horse in all of the races you would have had 83.57 units returned to 104 units staked. The Overall Profit Index was, thus, -19.64%

Top Rated Horse - There were 7 winners from the top rated horses from 33 Races. If you had blindly backed the top rated horse in all of the races you would have had 33.5 units returned to 33 units staked. The Top Rated Profit Index was, thus, 1.52%

2nd Rated Horse - There were 4 winners from the second rated horses from 36 Races. If you had blindly backed the 2nd rated horse in all of the races you would have had 14.87 units returned to 36 units staked. The 2nd Rated Profit Index was, thus, -58.69%

3rd Rated Horse - There were 6 winners from the third rated horses from 35 Races. If you had blindly backed the 3rd rated horse in all of the races you would have had 35.2 units returned to 35 units staked. The 3rd Rated Profit Index was, thus, 0.569%


There was 1 forecast yesterday.

Fontwell 17:10:00 - The CSF paid £42.38

Reverse Forecasts

There were 2 reverse forecasts yesterday.

Salisbury 16:25:00 - The CSF paid £4.21

Southwell 18:20:00 - The CSF paid £7.82


There were 0 tricasts/trifectas yesterday.

Combination Tricasts/Trifectas

There were 2 combination tricasts/trifectas yesterday.

Salisbury 16:25:00 - The Trifecta paid £46.30

Southwell 18:20:00 - The Trifecta paid £22.40


From the 34 rated races there were 17 winners (from the top 3 rated horses.) 6 of those were at nice prices.

Course Time Horse ISP BSP
Salisbury 14:55 Sirheed (7) 9.00 10.41
Fontwell 17:10 Archie Rice (2) 9.00 12.00
Southwell 17:50 Ubaldo Des Menhies (5) 9.00 11.00
Roscommon 19:45 Cape Glory (2) 9.00 11.91
Lingfield (AW) 20:05 Cape Castle (5) 6.00 6.61
Roscommon 20:15 Phangio (18) 11.00 14.00

The Portfolio

There was neither a Banker's Bet nor a Chancer's Bet yesterday.

On the Portfolio Page there is now a link to the Banker's Bet Proofing Page and, also to the Chancer's Bet proofing page.

You may subscribe to my Portfolio. To do so, you need to go to your Members Page and change option 4 on the Your Profile bit.

If you haven't subscribed, the button will say Yes - just click on it and you'll be signed up.

Place Betting Strategy

I freely admit that I've taken my eye off the ball here, a little bit, but...

I have been very busy trying to get the new server to give me some meaningful information.

However, I have created a spreadsheet which shows the results for May 2015.

The rules of the system are...

1). Place bet (on Betfair) the top three rated horse which has the highest yield (confidence multiplied by forecast starting price) of the top three rated horses where...

2). There are 8 runners or more.

That's it; that's the whole system.

I've created a basic spreadsheet which lists all qualifying horses/races for the month of May 2015.

You may see this at... strategy-may-2015.xls

Now, this spreadsheet just lists all top on yield horses for May 2015 where the races had 8 runners or more.

You'll see that there are two tabs on the bottom of the sheet. The first shows the raw data and the second shows the basic analysis.

From the Basic Analysis tab you'll see that, for May 2015, for races with 16 runners or more, the strike rate is 32.14% and the ROI is 103.23% (in other words, you'll make a profit of 3.23% on your total stakes.

And, for races with 8 to 15 runners, the strike rate is 36.39% and the ROI is 102.71% (in other words, you'll make a profit of 2.71% on your total stakes.

Now, for a really basic system, that's a pretty good start.

I know that there are plenty of other filters that can be added to further refine the strategy (such as removing certain race types, for example) and I'll be working on that today.

However, I can only do so much and, thus, I'm giving you the raw data to see if you can make some sense of it and come up with a profitable strategy for your own use.

I do have a good feeling about this (and I intend to use it as a base strategy for part of my own betting strategy.)

Just look at yesterday; on the first page of the normal ratings there were 6 races. Of those, the strategy worked for 2 of those races and gave us (for the first 6 rated races) 7.06 points returned to 6 points staked. That's a strike rate of 33.33% and a ROI of 117.67%.

In other words, a profit of 17.67% on your stakes just by betting on the first page of the ratings every day.

By the end of the second page of the normal ratings we'd had 10 qualifying bets and 3 of them were winners (for this system) but we were only very slightly on the right side of breaking even; my observations are that this tends to work better for the early races but that's a subjective observation rather than a substantive one.

Now, one day a system does not make but...

It's a sort of validation of something that I've been seeing for months now.

Today I shall be looking at the following additional filters...

1). Race Type

2). R4 Status

3). Value of yield (in other words, a minimum and a maximum value)

4). Handicap/Non-Handicap races

However, as you now have the raw data, you may be able to come up with some ideas of your own.

Now, I have been advised that I shouldn't use the 8 runners or more cutoff and yesterday's 18:10 at Roscommon seems to bear that out but I do need to do more analysis - I seem to think that the smaller races in Ireland might have something to say for themselves.

Speed Ratings

Today I shall start to change the way that I calculate the new Speed Ratings.

Now, I think that the numbers will remain the same but...

Just in case they don't, I'd advise you not to use them for the rest of the week until I've audited the speed ratings post code change.

I'm a bit ambivalent about the speed ratings; I know that I've come up with a unique way of describing the speed of a horse for Flat Turf and Flat All Weather races but...

I just don't know how to profit from the data.

Once I've finished the changes to the code (it's basically just tidying things up and automating the stuff that I currently have to do every day), I'll throw the raw data at Sherlock and see what he can work out.

Which brings me quite nicely to...


Now, I mentioned, a while back, that I've invested in a new secondhand server in order to do some real data crunching.

I've named this box Wagner (I name all my computers after classical composers) and I'll probably waffle on about him later on this week.

Now, Wagner doesn't have a desktop like you may be used to if you use a Windows machine or a Mac; Wagner just has a green screen (think back to the old DOS days, those of you who are old enough to do that.)

Wagner needs a program to run (that's why I bought him in the first place, after all) and I have been busy working on just such a program.

The program is called Sherlock (don't ask me why - it just seemed the right name to use.)

Now, Sherlock is just a number crunching program that I can throw data at and ask the question... "From this data, tell me why the winners won!"

Sherlock will come up with a list of statistics and then I'll have to check those statistics with another program (that I've yet to write) which will be called...

Yes, you've guessed it,


Sherlock (and Holmes) should be able to make some sense of the new Speed Ratings and come up with some strategies for us to use.

Sherlock (and Holmes) will also be invaluable in computing R5 (the new version of our current ratings, designed to be better, more profitable and to run alongside the current ratings.)

Sherlock and Holmes will also manage my personal betting strategy; so, I get something out of it as well.

Something to make you laugh...

Unfortunately I seem to have a big backlog of Irish jokes.

And I'm a bit scared to publish them as I know that we have some Irish members here at Focus Ratings and I don't want to insult anyone.

Now, I do know that all the Irish people that I've met are all too happy to have a crack, even if it is about themselves but...

I really don't want to upset anyone.

So, today, I'll upset some politicians instead - after all, they deserve it, don't they?

This joke is courtesy of Derek M.

Many thanks Derek - it sort of reminds me why I packed in a perfectly good, well paid job in order to move to France where the nursies come round with a breakfast menu as soon as you're booked in to hospital. I love that about French hospitals...

You can be half eaten by mutant zombie hordes, just about manage to drag yourself (or, what's left of you) to the nearest hospital (which will obviously be heaving with victims of the previously mentioned zombie mutant hordes) and you just know that the nurse will tell you that you may have to wait a few minutes (because there's been a zombie outbreak) but, in the mean time, why don't you order tomorrow's breakfast from the menu.

And you just know that those croissants will be bloody lovely, the next morning!

The Royal College of Nursing has weighed in on Prime Minister David Cameron's health care proposals for the National Health Service.

The Allergists voted to scratch it, but the Dermatologists advised not to make any rash moves. 

The Gastroenterologists had a sort of a gut feeling about it, but the Neurologists thought the Administration had a lot of nerve.

The Obstetricians felt they were all labouring under a misconception.

Ophthalmologists considered the idea short-sighted.

Pathologists yelled, "Over my dead body!" while the Pediatricians said, "Oh, Grow up."

The Psychiatrists thought the whole idea was madness, while the Radiologists could see right through it.

The Surgeons were fed up with the cuts and decided to wash their hands off the whole thing.

The Ear Nose and Throat specialists didn't swallow it, and just wouldn't hear of it.

The Pharmacists thought it was a bitter pill to swallow, and the Plastic Surgeons said, "This puts a whole new face on the matter...."

The Podiatrists thought it was a step forward, but the Urologists were pissed off at the whole idea.

The Anaesthetists thought the whole idea was a gas, but the Cardiologists didn't have the heart to say no.

In the end, the Proctologists won out, leaving the entire decision up to the arseholes in Whitehall.


Today's early test ratings show 42 rated races from six meetings.

Have a great day's racing!

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As always...

My kindest regards


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