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Morning News – 2022-10-08

focus-ratings-morning-newsGood morning...

2022-10-08--1665202768_424x97_scrotOver all, a very decent day, yesterday, across the board. Investment Betting did well with 3 out of 4 and one of the win bets coming in at 7.23 BSP


EarlyBird Ratings had 2 selections yesterday; one came 7th but the other won at 9.98 BSP.

This is important as the EarlyBird Plus ratings are going to be the basis for our Focus Ratings Daily Bets - more of which...

Project 1 - Focus Ratings Daily Bets

I have identified four strategies for using the top rated horse on the EarlyBird Ratings when it is also the top rated horse on Advance Ratings.

1). Basic Strategy - 41.51% Strike Rate - 17.85% POI - 8.48 races a week.
2). 130% Conf Strategy - 41.72% Strike Rate - 19.80% POI - 8.94 races a week.
3). Unique Jockey/Trainer Strategy - 41.77% Strike Rate - 30.66% POI - 7.80 races a week.
4). Clear Favs Strategy - 49.58% Strike Rate - 26.48% POI - 4.81 races a week.

Any applicable selections from these four strategies will be put in a list.

Duplicates will be removed.

The list will then be ordered in Confidence level descending.

The horse with the highest confidence becomes our Bankers Bet. The horse with the second highest confidence becomes our Chancers Bet. Those two horses become our Daily Double.

Any other selections are added to the Bankers Bet and the Chancers Bet to become the accumulator.

At the moment I am having to manually compute the selections and, can only do them first thing in the morning.

However, a wee bit of coding and I'll be able to automatically produce the selections the evening before race day.

Project 2

I am going flat out with the code re-write for Compass Ratings (Hong Kong ratings) and am hoping that I get it finished in time for a test with tomorrow's meeting at Sha Tin.

If that works then it'll be all ahead for Wednesday's meeting at Happy Valley.

Focus Ratings Daily Bets

Today's Focus Ratings Daily Bets - 2022-10-08...

Banker's Bet - Fairyhouse - 17:05 - Berliet Express (110.29%)
Chancers Bet - There are no selections today.
Daily Double - There are no selections today.
Daily Acca - There are no selections today.

Investment Betting

There were four Investment Betting selections (using the new R10 based system) yesterday...

Newmarket - 16:45 - Mubhijah - Win Bet - 3rd
Newmarket - 16:45 - Mubhijah - Place Bet - 3rd @ 1.30 BSP
Newcastle - 18:15 - Maid In Kentucky - Win Bet - 1st @ 7.23 BSP
Newcastle - 18:15 - Maid In Kentucky - Place Bet - 1st @ 1.96 BSP

Precision Betting

There were no selections yesterday.

EarlyBird Ratings

There were two Diamonds and Gold (Platinum) selections yesterday...

York - 14:05 - Betweenthesticks - 1st @ 9.98 BSP
Newcastle - 17:10 - Kilconquhar - 7th

Focus Ratings and Place Profit members can subscribe to these selections for free,

Just send me a mail and I'll set it up.

The selections normally come out about 5:30pm the evening before the day of the race.

Portfolio Betting

A portfolio of micro systems that Work together to produce long term profits.

At the end of every month, the results are analysed and the systems are tweaked to maintain consistency.

There were four selections yesterday.

Newmarket - 17:50 - Ville De Grace - Win Bet - 1 point - 3rd
Newmarket - 17:50 - Ville De Grace - Place Bet - 1 point - 3rd @ 2.26 BSP
Dundalk - 20:00 - Cedar Rapids - Win Bet - 2 points - 10th
Dundalk - 20:00 - Cedar Rapids - Place Bet - 2 points - 10th

Advance Ratings

There were eight selections yesterday.

Chepstow - 13:00 - Press Your Luck - 1st @ 1.98 BSP
Chepstow - 14:10 - Deeper Blue - NR
Downpatrick - 14:32 - Nonbinding - 3rd
Chepstow - 14:50 - Collectors Item- 1st @ 2.66 BSP
Chepstow - 15:25 - Dancingontheedge - 5th
Newcastle - 17:10 - Kilconquhar - 7th
Dundalk - 19:30 - Spirituoso - 7th
Dindalk - 20:00 - Cedar Rapids - 10th

Place Profits

Selections - Place Profits Plus

Newcastle - 18:15 - Maid In Kentucky - 1st @ 1.96 BSP

The recent results be seen here...

Intelligent Betting

Intelligent Betting is a collection of tools designed to aid your horse racing betting process.

Intelligent Betting has recently has a slight tweak to refine the selections.

In addition, there is also a new Place Betting option.

There was one selection yesterday.

Newmarket - 16:45 - Mubhijah - Win Bet - 3rd

Something to make you smile...

My cousin Fred wears lace underpants...

My cousin Fred, who I had not seen for years, visited us during the holidays. After a good game of racquetball, I noticed in the shower that he was wearing frilly lace underwear.

It was kind of awkward, but on the drive home, curiosity got the better of me and I had to ask him: "Say Fred, I noticed you were wearing some lace underpants."

"Yeah, they are women's underpants."

"Oh - okay. I didn't know you were... er... since when did you start wearing that?"

"Well, ever since my wife found them in my glove compartment."








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