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Morning News – 2022-10-12

focus-ratings-morning-newsGood morning...

So, here are some updates on what I was up to yesterday...

Project 1 - Focus Ratings Daily Bets - This is now up and running.

Project 2 - Compass Ratings - This failed to produce selections for today's meeting at Happy Valley. I am moving it to a new server which should solve the problem.

Project 3 - Intelligent Betting - The first stage of my maintenance work on Intelligent Betting seems to have worked.

I am now trying to automate the process that generates the daily selections.

For the last month they have been running at a 57.1% Strike Rate and a POI of 19.82%


Focus Ratings Daily Bets

Today's Focus Ratings Daily Bets - 2022-10-12...

Banker's Bet - Punchestown - 17:40 - Phils Choice (107.86%)

Chancers Bet - Nottingham - 14:55 - Love Fifteen (102.72%)

Daily Double -

Nottingham - 14:55 - Love Fifteen (102.72%)
Punchestown - 17:40 - Phils Choice (107.86%)

Daily Acca - There are no selections today.

Yesterday's Focus Ratings Daily Bets - 2022-10-11...

Banker's Bet - Hereford - 14:45 - Blakeney Point (136.32%) - 3rd

Chancers Bet - Huntingdon - 15:12 - Thundersockssundae (108.00%) - 1st @ 11/10

Daily Double

Hereford - 14:45 - Blakeney Point (136.32%) - 3rd
Huntingdon - 15:12 - Thundersockssundae (108.00%) - 1st @ 1st @ 11/10

Daily Acca

Leicester - 14:30 - Highbank (100.00%) - 2nd
Hereford - 14:45 - Blakeney Point (136.32%) - 3rd
Huntingdon - 15:12 - Thundersockssundae (108.00%) - 1st @ 1st @ 11/10
Newcastle - 19:35 - Wasdale (102.07%) - 5th

Investment Betting

There were five Investment Betting selections (using the new R10 based system) yesterday...

Huntingdon - 14:37 - Mullenbeg - Win Bet - 2nd
Punchestown - 17:10 - Ballycashin - Win Bet - 5th
Punchestown - 17:10 - Ballycashin - Place Bet - 5th
Newcastle - 18:02 - Wonderful Times - Win Bet - 1st @ 2.63 BSP
Newcastle - 18:02 - Wonderful Times - Place Bet - 1st @ 1.24 BSP


Over the last exact week we have had 18 selections and 11 winners.

That equates to a strike rate of 61.11%

And some of the prices are pretty decent.

More detail at... Investment Betting Results.

Precision Betting

There were no selections yesterday.

EarlyBird Ratings

There were three Diamonds and Gold (Platinum) selections yesterday...

Huntingdon - 14:37 - Mullenbeg - 2nd
Leicester - 15:40 - Beautiful Aisling - 2nd
Newcastle - 19:35 - Wasdale - 5th

Focus Ratings and Place Profit members can subscribe to these selections for free,

Just send me a mail and I'll set it up.

The selections normally come out about 5:30pm the evening before the day of the race.

Portfolio Betting

A portfolio of micro systems that Work together to produce long term profits.

At the end of every month, the results are analysed and the systems are tweaked to maintain consistency.

There were three selections yesterday.

Hereford - 13:00 - Dazzling Glory - Win Bet - 1 point - 2nd
Newcastle - 19:35 - Wasdale - Win Bet - 2 points - 5th
Newcastle - 19:35 - Wasdale - Place Bet - 2 points - 5th

Advance Ratings

There were four selections yesterday.

Huntingdon - 14:02 - Turpin Gold - 4th
Leicester - 16:15 - To The Bar - 4th
Punchestown - 17:10 - Ballycashin - 5th
Newcastle - 20:05 - Captain Vallo - 8th

Place Profits

Selections - Place Profits Plus

There was one selection yesterday.

Newcastle - 18:02 - Wonderful Things - 1.24 BSP

The recent results be seen here...

Intelligent Betting

Intelligent Betting is a collection of tools designed to aid your horse racing betting process.

Intelligent Betting has recently has a slight tweak to refine the selections.

In addition, there is also a new Place Betting option.

There were no selections yesterday.

Once again - top of the league...


Something to make you smile...

Two Men Are Lying in Hospital Beds...

One with his leg in a large cast, the other with a bandage on his head and his arm in a a sling

They get talking and the first man asks the second how he ending up in hospital

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Next thing I know a paramedic is having a look at me and the man is gone. Now I have a broken arm, blurry vision and a massive concussion, so if I ever catch that guy I’ll bloody well beat him to an in inch of his life.”

He turns to the first man and asks “Anyway what are you in for?”

The other man looks nervous, gulps and then says “um uh Appendix transplant?”








Whatever you are up to today...

Stay safe and healthy.

As always...

My kindest regards


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