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Morning News – 2022-10-21

focus-ratings-morning-newsGood morning...

A pretty good day, yesterday...

Three winners from the three selections for Investment Betting means that there have been 11 selections over the last three days and...

11 winning selections!

A 100% strike rate for the last 3 days!

Timeform seems to be having one of those days today and, as a result, I don't have any BSPs to share for our winning/placed selections.

Focus Ratings Daily Bets

Today's Focus Ratings Daily Bets - 2022-10-21...

Banker's Bet - Newcastle - 19:45 - Bojink (125.65%)
Chancers Bet - Cheltenham - 14:10 - Ash Tree Meadow (109.89%)

Daily Double -

Cheltenham - 14:10 - Ash Tree Meadow (109.89%)
Newcastle - 19:45 - Bojink (125.65%)

Daily Acca -

Cheltenham - 14:10 - Ash Tree Meadow (109.89%)
Cheltenham - 16:30 - Go On Chez (107.51%)
Newcastle - 19:45 - Bojink (125.65%)

Yesterday's Focus Ratings Daily Bets - 2022-10-20...

Banker's Bet - Carlisle - 13:05 - Stoners Choice (144.55%) - 3rd
Chancers Bet - There are no selections today.
Daily Double - There are no selections today.
Daily Acca - There are no selections today.

Investment Betting

There were three Investment Betting selections (using the new R10 based system) yesterday...

Ludlow - 14:55 - Kingston Sunflower - Win Bet - 1st @ awaiting BSP
Ludlow - 14:55 - Kingston Sunflower - Place Bet - 1st @ awaiting BSP
Ludlow - 15:30 - I Spy A Diva - Win Bet - 1st @ awaiting BSP

Available at or for free to Focus Ratings members.

Precision Betting

There were two selections yesterday.

Ludlow - 14:55 - Kingston Sunflower (1P1) - Place Bet - 1st @ awaiting BSP
Ludlow - 14:55 - Sea The Clouds (2P1) - Place Bet - NR

EarlyBird Ratings

There were no Diamonds and Gold (Platinum) selections yesterday...

Focus Ratings and Place Profit members can subscribe to these selections for free,

Just send me a mail and I'll set it up.

The selections normally come out about 5:30pm the evening before the day of the race.

Portfolio Betting

A portfolio of micro systems that Work together to produce long term profits.

At the end of every month, the results are analysed and the systems are tweaked to maintain consistency.

There were ten selections yesterday.

Southwell - 12:50 - Miss Dolly Rocker - Win Bet - 2 points - 2nd
Southwell - 12:50 - Miss Dolly Rocker - Place Bet - 2 points - 2nd @ awaiting BSP
Southwell - 13:20 - Mr Trevor - Win Bet - 1 point - 2nd
Southwell - 13:20 - Mr Trevor - Place Bet - 1 point - 2nd @ awaiting BSP
Thurles - 16:55 - Natural Look - Win Bet - 1 point - 2nd
Thurles - 16:55 - Natural Look - Place Bet - 1 point - 2nd @ awaiting BSP

Southwell - 17:25 - Back From Dubai - Win Bet - 1 point - 6th
Southwell - 17:25 - Back From Dubai - Place Bet - 1 point - 6th
Wolverhampton - 19:45 - Agostini - Win Bet - 2 points - 9th
Wolverhampton - 19:45 - Agostini - Place Bet - 2 points - 9th

Advance Ratings

There were six selections yesterday.

Carlisle - 13:05 - Stoner's Choice - 3rd
Carlisle - 13:35 - Maximilian - 1st @ BSP
Ludlow - 14:55 - Kingston Sunflower - 1st @ awaiting BSP
Ludlow - 15:30 - I Spy A Diva - 1st @ awaiting BSP

Ludlow - 17:15 - Fine By Me - 3rd
Thurles - 17:30 - Little Soiree - 2nd

Place Profits

Selections - Place Profits Plus

There were two selections yesterday.

Southwell - 12:50 - Miss Dolly Rocker - 2nd @ awaiting BSP
Thurles - 16:20 - Happy Jacky - UR

The recent results be seen here...

Intelligent Betting

Intelligent Betting is a collection of tools designed to aid your horse racing betting process.

Intelligent Betting has recently has a slight tweak to refine the selections.

In addition, there is also a new Place Betting option.

There was one selection yesterday.

Ludlow - 14:20 - Gouet Des Bruyeres - 2nd

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Membership is free (although there is a low cost paid option to fully access the ratings and the system selections) but to use some of the tools you may need to be logged in (as a free member) and some of the tools available to Full members may be restricted.

Something to make you smile...

Three boys go into a haunted house...

Three boys go into a haunted house. One brought a knife, one brought a gun, and one brought nothing but a few cough drops.
They crept in. It was pitch black and stone quiet. They were suddenly starting to regret this dare. Stupidly, only one brought a flash light. The aggressive darkness and inky black yielded with grudging compliance but always seeming to push back. They moved cautiously onward amid the dust and cobwebs. The floor creaked. They breathed in tight, quick breaths. You could hear a pin drop.

Suddenly, there was a deep moan. "OOOOOOOOUUUUU". It seemed from below them. The house had been abandoned for years. Who or what could make such a sound? The boys looked at each other, but continued on, hearts pounding in their chests.

As they proceeded into the kitchen they encountered a swarm of flies. Buzzing and beating their necks and faces, they rushed and stumbled to the door, not stopping to see what they were truly feasting on. They slammed the door behind them. Maybe a body? But no way were they going back to find out. And again came the sound, "ooooOOOOOooooOOUUU" but louder this time, and closer.

They proceeded through the dark into the dining room. They saw a fully set dining table covered in cob webs. Dust-covered regal-looking glasses, goblets and silverware adorned the table. Spiders climbed on ivory plates. Clearly a house of privilege and set for a grand feast which never happened.

Or, perhaps, met a fatal end?

They pushed on. But again that unearthly howl.


They found the basement staircase, and from below, the sounds seemed to be emanating. Could they proceed? Would they? Did they dare? Two of the boys looked at each other, faces filled with worry.

But the third said, confidently, "We're going down there." Not wanting to seem the weaker, the other two boys steeled themselves and nodded.

The stairs creaked and groaned evily under their feet. The rickety banister shook in angry defiance. Insects and vermin scattered underneath them with every step. They were descending into hell, they knew, but none would turn back.

And the sound: "oOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUuuuuUUOOOO". Now loud enough to fill not only their heads but seeming to claw at their very souls!

Now at the basement door! The antique, crying squeak of the hinges eeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEee made the boys wince and almost cover their ears. But they had to know. WHAT is making that horrible, terrible sound?


In the center of the basement lay an unholy coffin! A twisted artistic expression of murder, decay and disease! Brutish, incorrect lengths had been forced together, buckling the wood and bulging the steel at points, as if death, itself, were attempting to escape. It was festooned with beast-like emblems and decrepid artifacts: skulls, antlers, skins, totems, and drenched in the color of blood!

It was TRUE! The house really was haunted!


Now the boys realized with sheer horror that the insane moaning was definitely coming from the coffin!

Before the boys could turn and run, the coffin began to shake! They froze.

Then it suddenly LIFTED off the ground! They gaped in terror!

Shaking violently and rising, the coffin started to turn. It turned and turned, and gained speed. It was spinning in the air before them! A mix of terror and fascination gripped them. Unable to look away. Unable to run. It spun faster and faster AND FASTER!


The first boy with the knife slashed in the air in front of him, as if to stab away at the evil! Then he dropped the knife and ran back up the stairs, never to be seen again.

The second boy with the gun fired warning shots at the ceiling BANG! BANG!, but then thought better of it, dropped his gun and also ran up the stairs, and also was never to be seen again.

The third boy stood there calmly, reached into his pocket and popped a cough drop into his mouth. He sucked on it for a bit.

And the coffin stopped.








Whatever you are up to today...

Stay safe and healthy.

As always...

My kindest regards


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