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Morning News – 2022-10-24

focus-ratings-morning-newsGood morning...

Not much to say about yesterday...

Not many selections and not particularly exciting racing.

Today I shall be publishing the extra 5 eBooks that will show historical Trainer/Jockey Strike Rates.

These will obviously be free to Intelligent Betting members but Roy and I have been talking about packaging up the 19 eBooks to sell at a one off cost for those people who don't want or need to sign up to a monthly service.

I'll let you know more about that once everything is in place.

Focus Ratings Daily Bets

Today's Focus Ratings Daily Bets - 2022-10-24...

Banker's Bet - Leicester - 13:50 - Sassy Belle (168.88%)

Chancers Bet - Redcar - 15:05 - Magna Magnolia (152.89%)

Daily Double -

Leicester - 13:50 - Sassy Belle (168.88%)
Redcar - 15:05 - Magna Magnolia (152.89%)

Daily Acca -

Leicester - 13:50 - Sassy Belle (168.88%)
Ayr - 14:25 - Magic Wave (119.44%)
Redcar - 15:05 - Magna Magnolia (152.89%)
Newcastle - 15:15 - Sea Gifted (135.16%)
Newcastle - 19:00 - Solitary Trees (110.16%)

Yesterday's Focus Ratings Daily Bets - 2022-10-23...

Banker's Bet - Aintree - 17:05 - Ruby Island (114.29%) - 2nd
Chancers Bet - Aintree - 16:30 - Kinondo Kwetu (102.57%) - 1st @ 15/8

Daily Double -

Aintree - 16:30 - Kinondo Kwetu (102.57%) - 1st @ 15/8
Aintree - 17:05 - Ruby Island (114.29%) - 2nd

Daily Acca - There are no selections today.

Investment Betting

There were no Investment Betting selections (using the new R10 based system) yesterday...

Available at or for free to Focus Ratings members.

Precision Betting

There were no selections yesterday.

EarlyBird Ratings

There was one Diamonds and Gold (Platinum) selection yesterday...

Aintree - 17:05 - Ruby Island - 2nd

Focus Ratings and Place Profit members can subscribe to these selections for free,

Just send me a mail and I'll set it up.

The selections normally come out about 5:30pm the evening before the day of the race.

Portfolio Betting

A portfolio of micro systems that Work together to produce long term profits.

At the end of every month, the results are analysed and the systems are tweaked to maintain consistency.

There were two selections yesterday.

Aintree - 14:40 - Hitman - Win Bet - 2nd
Aintree - 14:40 - Hitman - Place Bet - 2nd 1.80 @ BSP

Advance Ratings

There were six selections yesterday.

Aintree - 13:30 - Hidden Heroics - PU
Ffos Las - 13:45 - Fairy Gem - 6th
Limerick - 14:25 - Ambitious Fellow - PU
Ffos Las - 14:55 - New Found Fame - PU
Aintree - 17:05 - Bombay Sapphire - 5th
Limerick - 17:20 - Ellis Boyd Redding - 4th

Place Profits

Selections - Place Profits Plus

There were no selections yesterday.

The recent results be seen here...

Intelligent Betting

Intelligent Betting is a collection of tools designed to aid your horse racing betting process.

Intelligent Betting has recently has a slight tweak to refine the selections.

In addition, there is also a new Place Betting option.

There were two selections yesterday.

Aintree - 14:40 - Hitman - Win Bet - 2nd
Aintree - 14:40 - Hitman - Place Bet - 2nd @ 1.80 BSP

ib003Just click on the Join Us page to join for FREE!

Membership is free (although there is a low cost paid option to fully access the ratings and the system selections) but to use some of the tools you may need to be logged in (as a free member) and some of the tools available to Full members may be restricted.

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