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Morning News

focus-ratings-proof-of-paddleGood morning

As you know, yesterday,

After the ratings, the system selections, the portfolio bet and the place betting strategy selections had all gone out...

Jill and I headed off for the beach (using a carefully planned route, that I had spent many hours devising, that managed to avoid every shoe shop in Brittany.)

And, you know what, this time we actually made it.


Jill having a paddleDue to Sunburn, being incredibly tired (and, thus, oversleeping - what is it about the sea air that does that?) and a slight excess of sand being where sand ought not to be...

There will be no morning news this morning.

Which is a shame because I was dying to tell you about getting three from three for the Place Betting Strategy and...

I'd also have enjoyed mentioning the near 30% strike rate for the top rated horse.

So, I'll have to do an extra long Morning News tomorrow to sort of catch up on it all.

As always...

My kindest regards


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