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Morning News

focus-ratings-mornoing newsGood morning...

So, we've finally come to that time of the year - the time that I love!

Yes, it's Christmas and, after today's 3 meetings, there's no racing until Friday.

I shall be working today but tomorrow will be spent sorting out my IT, once again.

I have decided that I can't really get along with the Mac so am moving back to Linux; Don't get me wrong, Macs are great - the flashiness, the unified interface and all that...

But I just need to be able to work (without using a mouse) and work fast and hard and,

The Mac was getting in the way of doing all that stuff.

I'll be keeping the Mac but I'll only be using it for Mobile App development; which, after all, is what I bought it for in the first place.

So, after tomorrow's Morning News I'll be offline for most of Christmas.

But, before I start planning all that, let's look at yesterday's results....

Yesterday's Results

Yesterday's Results, show a strike rate (for our top rated horse) of 31.58%.

Which is an early Christmas present for me.


There was one forecast yesterday.

Lingfield 15:40 - The CSF paid £7.07


There were no tricast/trifecta(s) yesterday.


From the 19 rated races there were 13 winners (from the top 3 rated horses) - three of those were at a decent prices.

Course Time Horse ISP BSP
Thurles 12:50 Betterthanalright 13.0 19.0
Thurles 13:20 Fosters Cross 15.0 18.31
Lingfield 14:10 Simply Wings 7.0 8.0


Here's the actual review of some of the races...

1). Lingfield 12:40 - We got the first three horses in this race - unfortunately in the wrong order.

2). Lingfield 15:40 - We got the forecast in this race - the CSF paid £7.07

And, that's about it (apart form a couple of high priced winners.

The Portfolio

There was a Banker's Bet yesterday (but no Chancer's Bet.)

Bankers Bet = Irish Logic - where R4 Status = 1 and the Horse\'s Average R4 is greater than 4.0 and where the Race is Not a Handicap Race and Horse\'s last run was less than 14 days ago and where Position last time out = Unplaced and where Country = IRE and Horse was NOT a Course Winner and Horse was NOT a Distance Winner

Selection = Back to ISP - Thurles - 14:20:00 - Draycott Place (1)

Races (over last year): 9 Wins: 6 Strike Rate: 66.67% ROI: 182.68% AV SP: 2.74%

Draycott Place fell.

On the Portfolio Page there is now a link to the Banker's Bet Proofing Page and, also to the Chancer's Bet proofing page.

You may subscribe to my Portfolio. To do so, you need to go to your Members Page and change option 4 on the Your Profile bit.

If you haven't subscribed, the button will say Yes - just click on it and you'll be signed up.

Any other business

And finally...

Winter Upgrades

I've written a post to detail the Winter Upgrades - you can see it here... Winter Upgrades

I am updating that post to show which upgrades have been implemented and, where possible, to indicate when I think that an upgrade may be implemented.

I am back on this today and am hoping to make some real progress.


Today's ratings show 20 races from 3 meetings.

Bangor 14:30 - Our top rated horse, Coologue, has a confidence level of 199.22% and the second rated horse is moving up in class.

Wolverhampton 14:40 - Our top rated horse, Sir Billy Wright, has a confidence level of 170.89% and both the second and third rated horses are moving up in class.

christmas_treeI can't see anything else that looks interesting,

So, quite a short Morning News today but, to be honest, I'm dying to get on with today's work as...

The sooner it's all done,

The sooner I can relax and get on with the demanding (but ever so enjoyable) business of Christmas!

Oh, it's a hard life!

As always...

Have a great day's racing!

5 star ratingsOnce again, if you've got anything to say about Focus Ratings, please wander over to Focus Ratings Review and have your say.

As always...

My kindest regards


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