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Bet Me (Finding My Way)

Bet Me (Finding My Way)

Bet Me (Finding My Way) Rating:
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It's been two years since Brooke left University. Now she owns the club that her dad's best friend manages.

Gone is the girl who used to hide behind over sized clothes and sarcastic comments. Now Brooke finds herself a constant fixture to the top of the bar where she takes part in bets that always result in her doing something embarrassing and usually half naked too. Not everything has changed though, she's still sarcastic, stubborn and loving, the only difference now, is that she doesn't have to force the smiles and the laughs, she's finally surround by people who actually do love her.

But what she realizes, when she's on top the bar, dancing in just her bikini top after loosing yet another bet, is that old habit die hard, especially when they are now the lead singer of your in-house band.

How often will Brooke's heart be broken before she finally gives up on love?

How many people have to lie to her before she gives up on trust?

How many people have to be there for her before she realizes she's worthy?

When faced with a situation she can't handle alone, will Brooke bet it all on the one person who could ruin everything ... again?


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