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Dark Horse

Dark Horse

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In the illegal world of underground fighting, Lanea Zara is the queen. She reigns over the ominous place known as The Pit. There she watches men brutally fight and struggle with one another for her own amusement.

With his back against the wall, former Marine Henry Jett is unable to find a job. He's struggling just to get by. To make matters worse, the mother of his daughter tells him that he's late with his child support payments and she no longer wants to see him. Desperate, Henry ends up running into a mysterious man named Maxwell. Maxwell offers Henry the only chance he has to make any money by street fighting.

After a string of victories, Maxwell introduces Henry to Lanea. Henry reluctantly accepts Lanea's offer to fight in The Pit. Together, they plan on making a lot of money as long as Henry keeps winning. As their business relationship grows, Henry is forced to spend more time with Lanea. Henry starts to learn more about the beautiful but sadistic millionaire heiress. At the same time, Lanea learns that Henry is unlike any other figher she's ever met before.

The stakes are high as the fights continue. As Henry fights and Lanea observes him, each of them is trying to figure exactly what the other one is up to. Dark Horse is a romantic love story about how far people go for the people they love and what it takes to change them.

This story contains strong language that may offend some readers. It is intended for mature audiences only.


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