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Favored to Win (Winning Odds Series)

Favored to Win (Winning Odds Series)

Favored to Win (Winning Odds Series) Rating:
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"The Greatest Thoroughbred Racetrack Novel Ever!"

This is Book One of the Winning Odds Series.
"Odds on Favorite," Book Two, released April 9, 2012.

Dawn never meant to hurt anyone. She never meant to live a lie; she never meant to fall in love. Sometimes things just happen.

As the mysteries and excitement of Thoroughbred racing unfold, so do the details of Dawn Fioritto's life and past. While covering a story for the local newspaper, Dawn becomes captivated by an enchanting old man and with life behind the scenes at Nottingham Downs. She returns under the guise of writing a novel. For two years, she comes and goes, employed as a groom in relative obscurity. No one knows who she is, or where she's been. She is an enigma, harmless and protected, in a racing world where one lives only for the moment, where yesterday is gone, and where there may be no tomorrow. Until the day, some starts asking questions....

Critically acclaimed author MaryAnn Myers has done it again! As with her previous page-turning novels, Call Me Lydia and Maple Dale, she will keep you spellbound well into the night. Give in to the magic, settle back in your favorite chair and enjoy.


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