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Giving Chase (A Racing Romance) (Aspen Valley Series #2)

Giving Chase (A Racing Romance) (Aspen Valley Series #2)

Giving Chase (A Racing Romance) (Aspen Valley Series #2) Rating:
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The highly anticipated follow-up to amazon sports fiction BESTSELLER, Keeping the Peace.

***WARNING***: To keep it real, some characters in this novel use colourful language and engage in sexual activities. Although they are all over the age of consent, some readers might want to skip that chapter.

There has only ever been one man in Frankie’s life: her father, Doug Cooper. That is, until she takes the job of amateur jockey at Aspen Valley Racing Stables. Here, in the rolling countryside of southwest England, she crosses paths with star rider, Rhys Bradford. Her crush on him would be made so much simpler if they didn’t both have their hearts set on the same prize: the coveted ride on Grand National favourite, Peace Offering.

In the turbulent run-up to National Hunt’s biggest event, questions are raised. What exactly does Doug have against the Bradfords? Is Rhys playing games with her heart? Will Ta’ Qali show his true potential in time to warrant his place at Aspen Valley? Why do there have to be so many blasted calories in strawberry cheesecake? And lastly, who exactly is Francesca Cooper?

Frankie’s curiosity unearths some long-buried secrets which their keepers would rather remain buried, and on a journey of self-discovery that takes in Britain’s fiercest steeplechase courses, love will prove her costliest stumbling point.


"[Hannah Hooton] is blessed with a ready wit and astute comedy timing... reminiscent of a Tom Sharpe novel but funnier. An engaging romance and a joy to read." Racing Post

"A pleasure to turn the pages of this relaxing yet intriguing novel. This book's a winner!" Equine Trade News

"For all you girls who love your racing this book should be on your list of things to read. A female leading lady, horse racing, intrigue, and even a bit of romance! What more could a girl ask for?" Racing4Girls

"A well-crafted and engaging story that will take you on a roller coaster of emotions." A Drop of Romeo

"Every time I go to read your next book on I keep thinking, what am I doing? It won't be the same? It couldn't possibly be as good as the first story, or the second. Yet, I couldn't stop reading this story until I finished it...Completely enthralling." Reviewer


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