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Horse Racing (How Small Bets Can Win the Pick 6)

Horse Racing (How Small Bets Can Win the Pick 6)

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In horse racing, every handicapper's dream is to win a huge Pick 6 ticket. The reality is that most horse players will never know what it feels like to win big.

If you are going to WIN BIG, your ticket will likely have one or even multiple long-shots, but the high cost to cover these horses on normal Pick 6 tickets makes playing this lucrative bet out of range for most players.

Until now...

What isn't widely known is that you can bet "economy" Pick 6 tickets for a fraction the cost of normal tickets, in some cases saving up to 89% from straight bets.

These economy tickets have a huge advantage over straight bets in that since the Pick 6 is such a high risk, high reward proposition they allow you to participate in more wagers, offering more coverage that guarantees you get paid if your picks are correct, while still giving you a chance to win the major prize.

You'll also learn about a special software program professional handicappers use to structure their Pick 6 bets that allow them to take down multiple, multiple consolation prizes of 5 of 6, whenever they hit the BIG prize, all the while reducing the total cost of betting the Pick 6 for that day.


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