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Horse Racing Ultimate Method To Winner Finding On The Flat

Horse Racing Ultimate Method To Winner Finding On The Flat

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This easy to follow system involves a PEN, a NOTEBOOK, ACCESS TO A RACING PAPER and a simple TEN TO TWENTY MINUTES STUDY per week to put the reader AHEAD OF THE REST and AHEAD OF THE GAME.

A step by step method of winner-finding which will allow you to sit back armed with the full knowledge and confidence that your selection, without any shadow of a doubt, has got what it takes to win.

Furthermore, the information of which you will be in immediate possession will be hidden to the average punter, and the price of the horse can often be hugely above expectations.

This SIMPLE STUDY is EXPLAINED from the beginning STEP BY STEP.

As you read through these pages you will find the approach to winner-finding is non intuitional..

There is no guesswork, only ways that have stood the test of time.

These ways are based on the easy strategic use of carefully marshalled facts.

As each step unfolds, it will become more and more evident that this ebook contain the most logical and clearest short cut to winner-finding ever devised.

Sections include... Turning Negative Performances Into Positive Results
For You... Track Compatibility... Making A Start... Questions And
Answers... The Way To Selection... 12 Sections In All


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