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How To Be A Smug Punter NOT A Mug Punter

How To Be A Smug Punter NOT A Mug Punter

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"Globally, the most consistent, winning, track betting, horse racing system I have ever used" - George 'The Fireman' Riley

Horse racing is often referred to as the ‘Sport of Kings’.

For some this is the case but unfortunately for most it is the ‘Sport of Fools’.

Most people do no not the discipline to bet on the horses let alone a track betting, horse racing system that produces winners.

I certainly knew that feeling. Every Saturday armed with my form guide I would hit the race track, wallet full with this week’s wages, ready to take on
the bookies and make a killing. This week I was going to break the bookies
bank. I was going to send them reeling.

I’d get to the track early and bounce straight up to the biggest bookie to
place my first bet. Depending on how it would go would determine my
‘strategy’ for the next race. Play it conservative or double up.

I adopted this ‘strategy’ for an average of 8 races over 3 States in my
desperate attempt to back 24 winners for the day. With such a ‘strategy’
you can guess how most of my punting days ended up. Hmmm, yes I
lost! And for 50 weeks a year (even a punter needs to have a break somewhere in the year), I continued using the same ‘strategy’ and wondered why I would come out at the end of a year losing.

They say the first sign of insanity is to continue to do the same ‘losing’
thing over and over again. Well I was certainly headed down that path
until I suffered a $5000 loss in one week. This was a wake up call for me
to make some changes and quick.

Most punters want to be able to have a bet and know that over a reasonable
period of time, they are in front. Whether it be a month, three months or a year they would love to enjoy the thrill of horse racing and to be in profit; even if it’s only a few bucks. They wish they had a track betting program.

Once they realise that they can learn a simple skill that will pay them over
and over again for years to come, most punters get a little curious as to
what I am talking about.

When they understand that this track betting, horse racing system can pay big dividends that will benefit both themselves and family, they get pretty excited and usually ask me for more information.

But, some don’t. And I’m sure you know the types of punters I’m
talking about.

They’re the ones who foolishly think they can back the card, pick
multiple long shots, only think computer systems or inside
information is the way to go and never get serious making their
punting pastime a profitable one for themselves and their family.

Would you like to know how to become a smug punter? Check out this step by step simple to apply track betting, horse racing system and become a consistent winner!


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