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How To Make Your Living From A Betting Shop

How To Make Your Living From A Betting Shop

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Are you a keen bettor? Someone that loves 'a flutter'? Would love to make a living from betting but don't know where to start?

My betting life started as a young boy, when my Dad would take me along with him to the races, and to the book-makers. Before the days on the Internet, and round the clock races, online statistics, results and systems.

I loved it. The feeling. The atmosphere. THE BUZZ. My Dad didn't win often, but he didn't care. He just loved the feeling of it all. Growing up, I did too.

But unfortunately, I made the same kind of mistakes that he did. I bet precariously, and more for the thrill. But the thrill soon died down when I started to lose more and more money. I reasoned that surely there must be a better way to place my bets. And then, by chance, I met a man that changed my betting life, the man who was to become my mentor. He taught me how to use systems. We started off small, with just one system, and placed 'virtual' bets on paper. By the end of that first week using just this one system, we 'virtually' made over £200.

I was hooked. And so my love of betting systems began. I learned how to place bets, how to choose horses, to know what races to bet in, to know which were the best odds.

After many years of extensive research, 'virtual' betting, actual betting, note taking, race watching, money won, money lost, I am now a seasoned bettor. I do make my living from the betting shop.

And now you can too. This is my day job. This is what I do. And now you can too.


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