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How To Pick Long Shots

How To Pick Long Shots

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This short book reveals three scenarios where long shots can be found at the race track. All three scenarios are explained in detail, and a step by step process for analyzing each one is also provided in order to help you determine whether or not the long shot is playable. Once you know how to find these potential long shots, you'll have another tool in your handicapping arsenal. Play these horses to win or use them for your exotics. This book is intended for experienced handicappers. This digital book is a work of non-fiction by Christian Blake and is 6,700 words in length.

If you had read this book, you could have hit these long shots:

Madi Two Shoes $115.20 $39.20 $14.20
Deity (GB) $24.20 $13.20 $9.80
Pocket Prince $91.00 $29.40 $16.60
Black Tornado $12.20 $6.20 $4.80
Tummel $18.40 $6.20 $3.80
Wild In The Saddle $19.60 $7.80 $4.60


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