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How to win big money with small stakes

How to win big money with small stakes

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Let's face it, the chance of winning big on the Lottery or Euromillions is slim. However, for those who like a bet on the horses, and with reasonable prospects of making real money, this book will help you to attain that dream."How to win big money with small stakes" provides you with the various bets that could make you a small fortune. Some of these bets will be familiar to seasoned punters: the bets in Part 2 are less well known and reduces the cost of your bets whilst retaining the possibility of life-changing winnings.
By way of example, take the Lucky 31, a common bet offered by all bookmakers.This is a bet on 5 horses: if you were to back those 5 as winners at odds of 6/1 each with a stake of 10p i.e. 31 bets @ 10p you would collect £3929. Not bad for an outlay of £3.10. Even with 5p stakes you could book a cruise with almost £2000 coming back.
Winners @ 6/1 are not that hard to find so the example is not at all far fetched fantasy.And with slightly higher odds, the possibility of hundreds of thousands of pounds is feasible.You can, of course, back bigger priced selections as each way bets without breaking the bank.
Many bookmakers limit their payouts so make sure you are aware of the your bookmaker's rules as you will often find your potential winnings are restricted.
I would advise opening accounts with as many bookmakers as possible and then using an odds comparison site ( eg Oddschecker; At The Races ) so as to maximise returns.Most bookmakers offer generous incentives to new customer so you could get a lot of free money for your initial betting.
Betting purists will sneer at multiple bets on the grounds that any losers in the perm can drastically reduce the potential winning bets.I can't argue against that, but would say that single win bets may well prove profitable - given that winners are selected of course - but will not lead to riches unless large sums are placed on the wager. For the working man, placing significant stakes on a series of bets is not financially viable, or indeed advisable.It is more than most can afford and confirms the old adage - If you can afford to lose £100 by backing a 5/1 shot then you probably don't need the £500 winnings. The average man wants the thrill of participating in racing, spending perhaps the equivalent of two or three lottery ticket purchases but with the potential for substantial winnings.
This book shows you how to cover a number of selections for small stakes - 3 horses up to 10 and, with a little imagination, even more.It does not offer advice on selecting horses for your bets. There are many books which deal with this area of horse racing: you may like to take a look at my other book "Picking Big Priced Winners."


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