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My Days at W.A.’s

My Days at W.A.'s

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Known within the racing fraternity as W A, Arthur Stephenson was one of the country’s leading National Hunt horse racing trainers. He was recognised throughout the horse racing world for his dour determination and absolute fairness. But, like many trainers, behind the public image was a more unscrupulous facet to his personality.

When Kevin Jewett joined W A’s as a stable lad he was not much more than a boy but he was soon to become and accomplished jockey in his own right and, as he did so, began to learn some of the not so scrupulous tricks that have plagued the horse racing industry for generations. Tricks including ‘stopping’ a horse to prevent it from winning.

In this book he shares with us all of his personal experiences of his time at Arthur Stephenson’s stables , in an eye-opening and revealing account of what goes on behind the scenes of horse racing, the good, the bad and the downright illegal. This book is a must read for all those who have ever wondered why their horse should have won but didn’t and, indeed, everyone with even a passing interest in horse racing.


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