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Narrowing the Field:Using The Dosage Method to Win at National Hunt Racing

Narrowing the Field:Using The Dosage Method to Win at National Hunt Racing

Narrowing the Field:Using The Dosage Method to Win at National Hunt Racing Rating:
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Racing experts and pundits are forever telling punters that alternative angles need to be found to improve their betting technique; the Dosage Method is precisely that. Narrowing the Field applies the Dosage theory comprehensively to British and Irish National Hunt Racing for the first time. By applying the Dosage Method Narrowing the Field examines the correlation between pedigree and National Hunt racing, a subject frequently overlooked by the wider betting public. Ultimately this provides the reader with an alternative approach to analyse 145 of the major handicaps and graded races run in the UK and Ireland. The Dosage method delves into the genetic history of the thoroughbred and simplifies pedigree analysis by distributing points to each individual racehorse, generating a numerical Dosage rating. By using the Dosage method Narrowing the Field ascertains whether a thoroughbred's pedigree will limit or enhance its winning potential when competing in the major races. The statistics included in Narrowing the Field have never before been compiled on such a large scale. When used in conjunction with traditional forms of race study the Dosage Method can unlock hidden profits and help avoid unnecessary losses. Narrowing the Field will help bettors identify which horses to concentrate on and which horses to avoid in specific races, providing the modern punter with an innovative weapon to go to war with in their continuing battle against the bookie. ·Concise explanation of the Dosage Method and how to apply it ·Analysis of over 145 top National Hunt races incorporating 15 years of stats ·Clear tables with complete analysis of all Dosage figures ·Examples of notable defeats suffered with inadequate Dosage ratings ·Analysis of the running styles pinpointing exactly where the winners travelled during the race ·Never before available trends giving a fresh look at National Hunt racing


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