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Odds on Favorite (Winning Odds Series)

Odds on Favorite (Winning Odds Series)

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When Nottingham Downs is forced into bankruptcy, Ben Miller steps in to save the day. "Respected horseman, trainer of stake horses, breeder, farm owner, family man." Everyone said if there was anyone who could save the day it would be Ben. He had no idea what lie ahead....

Odds on Favorite is the much-anticipated continuation to Favored to Win. Book Two of the Winning Odds Series welcomes you back to Nottingham Downs. The people are the same; the ones you loved, the ones you laughed and cried with, the horses. But things have changed. The barns are in disrepair, animal rights is at the forefront, whip use, low handle, low purses, employee unrest, high profile Thoroughbred deaths all over the world, the news media....

Ben longs for the days when horse racing was a proud profession, when going to the racetrack every morning was a treat. Back when, "It was all about the horses."

Love, mystery, intrigue. Why are racetracks closing all over the country? Where do Thoroughbreds go when they leave the racetrack? What is going on with Tom? Is he for real? Dawn is shaking her head too. She's another one that has no idea. How did she get talked into this?

Author MaryAnn Myers has done it again. Drop what you're doing, don't fight it, settle back and enjoy. It's one hell of a ride!


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