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The Football Betting Bible

The Football Betting Bible

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The vast majority of sports bettors are guaranteed to lose money long-term. There are many factors that make it mathematically sure a bettor will ultimately lose their bank.
However, it is possible to make money betting - many people do - and there is a science to it.

The Football Betting Bible gives you the information needed to make long-term consistent profits.
You will learn how to think about each price and event, whether to bet and how much to bet on any event.

This book teaches the principles of value betting - not just the concept of value, which is widely known, but all the nuances that most people aren't even aware of.
It covers topics such as:
- why most bettors will lose money even when the price is in their favour
- how to compensate for commission
- how to trade on betting exchanges for locked-in profits
- how much to bet to maximise profits whilst avoiding ruin
- psychology and how to make the right decision
- and much more!

This is the information that professional 'gamblers' know and use. Don't bet without it!


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