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Vegas Pro´s Best Racing Angles (Betting & WINNING Horse Races)

Vegas Pro´s Best Racing Angles (Betting & WINNING Horse Races)

Vegas Pro´s Best Racing Angles (Betting & WINNING Horse Races) Rating:
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Product Description

Vegas Pro´s BEST Racing Angles is based on the author’s 25-plus years in gambling, betting and WINNING thoroughbred horse races.

This is a condensed Manual that is best for experienced horseplayers only.
The Angles shown are the result of many years of experience and intensive research. Thousands of hours and thousands of dollars have been spent to locate, test, develop, and prove these Angles.

Average odds on winning bets range between 8 and 9 to 1.

• “I really liked “Vegas Pro’s Best Racing Angles”, and I’ve already used it several times, making far more than the book’s very reasonable price already.”
• “... the angles it shows you really do work.”
• “I found the chapter on “How to bet them” to be great. It clearly showed me how I should be betting, and why buying tickets on favorites was a losing game."
• “And I can state unequivocally that his information does work, because I have used it now for several months, and made a profit using his 3 Angles."
• “Makes me money. I just use the 3 Angles the book shows. Not complicated at all, really.”
• “Oh boy! A book on race betting that really works. I’ve got about a hundred books on that subject. This one, the “Vegas Pro’s Best Racing Angles”, beats them all. Good solid, useable information.”
• “All the material in that book was written by someone who knows what he was talking about, and for me that makes “Vegas Pro’s Best Racing Angles” a real winner.”
• “When I went to the track before, or even online, I would bet every race. I thought, if you don’t have a bet down you can’t win. Great theory, but it just costed me a lot of green. So now I just follow the rules laid out in “Vegas Pro’s Best Racing Angles” and not try to reinvent the wheel. It works. I’m definitely ahead since I have done that. “Vegas Pro’s Best Racing Angles” is a good book which delivers what it says.”

Are you betting every race? Trying to grind out a living? That is way too much work and way too hard on the pocket book, not to mention the nerves.

Follow these angles and consistently win. Focus on winning bets with good odds. Cut down on the trips to the betting window and increase the trips to the winner´s circle and great payoffs.

The author’s records show a consistent long term Return on Investment (ROI) of over 2.0.
That is an IMMEDIATE return. In cash. Payoffs from about $18 to $20 based on the standard $2 bet.

Chapters include information on:
 The 3 ´Winning Angles
 The race types in which the Angles work best
 How to bet them
 Making use of the proven Kelly Criterion betting approach formula
 Practical forms to use for bets, winnings, and trainer/jock notes

Vegas Pro´s BEST Racing Angles is a proven and profitable system for betting and WINNING on the horses.

Vegas Pro´s BEST Racing Angles is available now. Order your copy today and get advance information on a very Special Report: “3 year old racehorses are different -- And you should bet them differently.”
Order now and you’ll get instant access to this valuable, money-making insider information.


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