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Builder – Updates


Today, I have managed to add some more of the functionality that you have requested.

1). I have added a Race Course checkbox area.

This is so that you can break down your systems by race course.

For example, you may have an All Weather system that might not work as well at Southwell as it does at the other All Weather courses (or, vice versa?)

JimSeven has posted a Great Post on the Forum, explaining the characteristics of the different courses.

Many thanks... JimSeven!

2). I've very slightly changed the way that the results are displayed on the Builder.

Basically just some stuff to highlight the way that non-runners effect the calculations (because it was confusing me no end - but that's not difficult!)

3). For new members, I have updated the User Handbook but I do have to say that Jill will be proof reading it tomorrow and, thus, until then, there may be a few Smelling Pistakes?

I'll be working on updating the Cheat Sheet tomorrow.

What's next?

Having taken a look, I know that I need to speed up the Systems page.

What I intend to do is calculate the Strike Rate and ROI overnight, just after the results are computed.

This way, I won't have to do it on the fly when you load the page.

I'm also going to be spending the rest of the day (or, however much of it remains before it's Wine O'Clock!) working on Trainer Course Win Percentage stats...

Now, that could be interesting?

Especially if I can add it to the ratings, and thus...

The Builder?


By the way...

Have any of you watched Rough Diamond (it's an Irish TV series.)

I like to have the TV (via the internet on) when I'm working to give me some background noise.

I work better that way.

Today, rather that watch/listen to another re run of Hells Kitchen, I thought that I'd try and learn something about this horse racing game.

An excellent series, I do have to say (although I'm not sure that I learned much?)

It's strange that, here in France, I can get Irish internet TV but not British?

Perhaps it's because we share a common currency?

And thus...

Both count our overdrafts in Euros?

I hope that you find the Builder useful.

If you have any ideas for improving it (or find any difficulties in using it) then please let me know.

My kindest regards


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