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System Builder!


At last!

I have implemented a System Builder at Focus Ratings.

I still have a couple of little things to do (which I'll explain later) but it is functional now.

You can find the Builder at... Builder

As yet, there is no manual but it's really easy to use.

How to use it

Basically, all you need to do is use the drop down menus to provide a set of filters against which the Strike Rate, the Average SP and the ROI are computed.

The easy way is to work through an example...

Let's look at the performance of Mares in National Hunt Chases when they are Top Rated.

1). Go to the Builder page - Builder

2). Choose the Race Type - Select National Hunt - Chase from the Race Type drop down menu.

3). Choose the R4 Status. The Top Rated Horse is automatically selected (you can change it if you wish but we'll leave it as it is for the purposes of this query.)

4). Choose the Sex of the horse. We need to select Mare from the Sex drop down menu.

5). And that's it! Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the big blue button to Proceed to Results.

The basic results of our query will be displayed. You'll see that by backing Top Rated Mares at National Hunt Chases the ROI is about 112%.

6). Now, we might want to refine our query so, all we need to do is, click on the Refine This Query button and we'll be taken back to where we were before with our existing filters still in place.

7).Bear with me here but...

Scroll up the screen until you see the Pos LTO menu. Choose Third from the drop down list.

8). Now, go down to the bottom of the screen again and click on the blue button.

9). You'll see that by refining our query we have improved the ROI to about 148%

10). Now, click on the Refine This Query button and we'll be taken back to where we were before with our existing filters still in place.

11). We can get even more information about this query so...

Don't add any more filters but now change the Show me Monthly Stats and Show me Course Stats drop down menus to Yes (you could only run one or the other if you so choose.)

12). Now click on the blue button again and (there will be a small wait), hey ho....

We've now got more information about our query.

And that's all there is to it!

What not to do

Obviously, you could easily create illogical queries such as...

Race Type = All Weather and Race Type 2 = Hurdles

That sort of query will not give you any results and may give you an error message.

If you get an error message and you feel that your query is totally logical then let me know what query you were trying to run and I'll look into it.

Things I've still got left to do

A). CIC & CDG Winner fields

I'm hoping to get these working tomorrow (8th June 2014.)

B). Save System option

I planning to add a button on the Results page to allow you to save your system and to automatically receive an email every day at about 10:30 am if there are any System selections.

C). Produce a System Description and Results PDF for download.

Sometimes it's actually easier to read a printed out PDF than to study something on screen.

By producing a downloadable PDF you'll be able to make notes and highlight good months and good courses.


I hope that you find the Builder useful.

If you have any ideas for improving it (or find any difficulties in using it) then please let me know.

My kindest regards


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