Focus Ratings is a Uk and Irish Horse Racing ratings service designed to aid you and help you narrow the field so that you can concentrate on the real contenders. Our completely computerised analysis system selects the top three rated horses from each race and sends out the ratings every day at 10:00 a.m.  Wonderful results and an excellent strike rate.  Use Focus Ratings to win more money and make more profits from British and Irish Horse Racing.  The only horse racing system you'll ever need.

“Sporting Life” Flat Racing ...

"Sporting Life" Flat Racing Results in Full Rating: List Price: £12.95 Sale Price: £5.90 Availability: unspecified Product Description No description available. Details No features available.

Superform Races and Racehorses jump Raci...

Superform Races and Racehorses jump Racing 2000 Rating: List Price: unavailable Sale Price: £11.50 Availability: unspecified Product Description No description available. Details No features available.

Winning Money at Roulette: The Original...

The #1 Bestselling & Proven Roulette System
-- Accountant Developed -- Gambler Tested

First published in 1994, Winning Money™ has been regarded as one of the bestselling roulette strategy books of all time.

This book gives you the background on how Patrick Austin developed his bestselling system and also how to play his first version: the Single Table System. You’ll learn the fundamentals to his systems and gain an understanding into the statistics and numbers behind the strategies. And, you’ll discover why this system is so successful.

How many times in a row can you flip a quarter and make it go heads? Maybe four or five? This is a very difficult task because in reality, a streak of four or five heads in row just does not occur very often. Simply put, Patrick’s systems capitalize upon the probabilities of long streaks, just like flipping a quarter.

In Winning Money at Roulette, Patrick will show you the exact steps you need to play this system including:

* How to methodically generate potential profits in excess of $100 per hour.
* The amount of money suggested to use.
* The proper and disciplined betting sequences and when to jump in on a streak.
* How many hours you will want to play to maximize your profits and lower your risks.
* Where to go from here-- how to not settle and keep learning from Patrick

This is not traditional, basic betting sequences that have been tried and failed for decades nor a "Get Rich Quick Scheme" but rather a scientific, methodical approach to success. Patrick’s system is based on statistics and numbers, and are the key reasons why his system works.


About the Author:

Patrick Austin is a former Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.) who over twenty years ago developed and perfected a system to crack the Roulette wheel. Based on his own success in using his strategies, the former Accountant decided to share his secret. Since 1994, when the 1st edition of Winning Money was published, Patrick has been giving gamblers worldwide the edge they have been seeking against the Roulette wheel. 


More Books from Patrick:

Get Patrick’s #1 Bestseller on Roulette: Cracking the Roulette Wheel-- The System & Story of the CPA Who Cracked the Roulette Wheel. This proven system is available in Print and as an e-Book everywhere.

Patrick’s also the author of the new book, Patrick Austin’s: The Advanced Version-- The Advanced Roulette System from the CPA Who Cracked the Roulette Wheel. This interactive e-Book everywhere.

Love & Handicapping

Is your game on?

No denying dating is a game filled with winners and losers. How you finish equates to your own performance.

Dating sites may provide introductions and first time statistics of a possible winning match. Advice advocates give suggestions on previous successes, but still these offer no guarantee and sometimes create more hardship.

Like a sports handicapper you are equipped to assess your own winners; all you need is the tools to do so. Inspired by sports handicapping tips you too can learn how to not only find a winning relationship but become a winning contender.

Investing in Sports Betting: 101

A great in-sight in the world of sports betting through the eyes of pro sports handicapper for 10 years+ Chris T. of . This is a must read for anyone who has invested their money in the sports betting marketplace or thought about it. This book covers a broad range of topics from money management to tips and strategies Chris has used in NFL, MLB, NBA, and NCAA-FB and NCAA-BB betting as a full time living and much, much more! This isn't a book that promises you a get rich quick scheme like others on the marketplace but rather a realistic outlook on how you can be successful investing your money in sports betting.


LEGENDS OF HORSE RACING - The Year of Dancing Brave Rating: List Price: unavailable Sale Price: £1.26 Availability: Usually dispatched within 24 hours Eligible For Free Shipping Product Description No description available. Details No features availa

Racing World Flat Review 1993

Featuring a review of the 1993 Flat Season. Includes a look at the Melbourne Cup, the Breeders' Cup and promising 2-year olds from 1993.

The Masters of Manton: From Alec Taylor ...

The Masters of Manton: From Alec Taylor to George Todd Rating: List Price: £22.95 Sale Price: £20.65 Availability: unspecified Product Description No description available. Details No features available.

Barn 14 – Meg’s Meadows (Win...

“There isn’t a racehorse fan alive that doesn’t know Ben Miller. He’s the man who changed the course of history in modern Thoroughbred racing. He brought the fans back. He instilled integrity in the sport. He enacted strict policies to ensure a racehorse’s wellbeing. He lives by the creed that no Thoroughbred will ever be forgotten and believes every racehorse breeder, owner, and trainer should be held accountable. To Ben Miller it’s all about the horses and it always has been,” Simon Fitzgerald – Nottingham Downs State Steward

Barn 14 - Meg’s Meadows is the long-awaited continuation of Favored to Win and Odds on Favorite. Book Three of the Winning Odds Series takes you to the backside of the Sport of Kings and into the shedrows of Thoroughbred racing.

What is Dawn seeing as she stares down the road between the barns? Where’s Tom? Is that Ben? What is he doing? Where’s Randy been? Junior, it’s time you grow up. Lucy, don’t cry. Matthew, fight, you can do this. Where will the old-timers go? Hillary? Why is someone trying to put Nottingham Downs out of business? How can newspapers print lies? Mim, what are we going to do?

Bestselling author MaryAnn Myers has done it again. As with her previous page-turning novels, drop what you’re doing, settle back, and enjoy the ride. The bugle sounds. The horses wait. The starting gate rings. "And they're off!"


Epsom Downs, 3rd May, 1769: a chestnut with a white blaze scorches across the turf towards the finishing post. His four rivals are so far behind him that, in racing terms, they are 'nowhere'.

Watching Eclipse is the man who wants to buy him. An adventurer who has made his money through roguery and gambling, Dennis O'Kelly is also the companion of the madam of one of London's most notorious brothels.

While O'Kelly is destined to remain an outcast to the racing establishment, his horse will go on to become the undisputed, undefeated champion of his sport.

Eclipse's male-line descendants will include Desert Orchid, Arkel and all but three of the Derby winners of the past fifty years. And his astonishing life will be matched only by that of the rogue who owned him.

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