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Betting on Love

High Stakes Romance . . .

Michael was sick and tired of playing the hatchet man. This cloak and dagger assignment at the Glass Slipper would be the last time he'd go undercover for his father's corporation. Someone was stealing from the Las Vegas casino, and his research told him to begin by investigating Shawn MacInnes, the fiery redhead who turned cards in the casino. At first glance, she seemed like an untouched innocent. But Michael knew that nothing was a sure bet in a city of wild cards.

For Shawn, dealing blackjack in a Vegas casino was like returning to the scene of the crime. Compulsive gambling had killed her father. But for now, the Glass Slipper Casino offered her a good living and a chance to break free from the past.

But when her shift was over, Shawn wanted nothing to do with the high-stakes world of gambling. Dealing cards was a job --- not a forum to fraternize with fellow employees like Michael DeNiro. With topaz eyes and lean good looks, Michael was one of those men who oozed sex appeal and charm. Shawn steered clear of his type, just as she avoided the Nevada desert sun. Both were scorchers.


"Kay writes from the heart about matters that touch us all." --- Susan Wiggs

"Patricia Kay writes from the heart about people we come to love." --- Christina Dodd

"Heartrending and touching . . . Ms. Kay never fails to deliver this kind of story." --- Amanda Kilgore, Huntress Reviews

"Kay's writing is solid, and her narrative swiftly reaches a satisfying finish." --- Publishers Weekly

How to Bet on NFL Football (Sports Betti...

Amazon Bestselling Author and Pro Gambling Champ John P Morrison Sports Betting Series How to Bet On NFL Football, College Football Betting Bowl King, Betting On Basketball Players Handbook, Become a Sports Arbitrage Trading Pro, How to Bet on Sports.

"I've always thought of myself as someone who is pretty good with betting on NFL football games. It has always been just for fun, but I wanted to start betting on more games at one time to see how I would do. I found this book and gave it a thorough reading to better understand the dynamics of betting strategies. I not only picked up a number of insights but also learned some practical tips that I can use right away in this coming week's games". Mike Sullivan

Finally a good how to gambling book written dedicated to this sport, I loved it and it's exactly what I was looking for thank you so much.
Darrell Bowen


If you enjoy NFL betting, and want an UNFARE advantage over sportsbooks, How To Bet On NFL Football will take you deep inside the NFL Betting Lines in one fast easy read!

Sports betting champ John P Morrison teams up with long time friend and Pro Gambling Champ "Nicky" to teach NFL Football betting systems and strategies with in-depth examples

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For The Rest of Their Days – a Day...

24 minutes

Phar Lap Video Tom Burlison Judy Morris ...

Phar Lap a chestnut race horse reigned as king of the turf in depression gripped Australia in the 1930's, on Derby Day 1930 on the streets of Caulfield an attempt was made to kill the champion, Phar Laps fame spread to America with its winning form and won the Agua Caliente stakes the worlds richest race - 16 days later he was dead. This film made in 1983 stars Tom Burlison and Judy Morris and Martin Vaughan as well as a great supporting cast.

Henderson’s Heroes: The Story of a...

Henderson's Heroes: The Story of an Unbelievable Season Rating: List Price: £20.00 Sale Price: £10.43 Availability: Usually dispatched within 24 hours Eligible For Free Shipping Product Description No description available. Details No features avail

The Head and Not The Heart (Alex and Ale...

"This is one of those books that stays with you, long after you’ve turned the last page."

"This book is great fun, a solid story, and something you could, maybe, use to explain an obsession of your own."

"This book really is one that speaks directly to the heart and soul of someone who feels so passionate about the thoroughbred horse."

"She knows these settings and she doesn’t miss a detail. You can almost taste the grime of a side street in Brooklyn, and you can exactly picture what the old Claremont Riding Academy looked like." - Andrea Galbraith, Eventing-a-Go-Go

For anyone who ever doubted their life's work... for anyone who ever looked up and suddenly wondered if they were doing the right thing... The Head and Not The Heart explores just what makes passionate people tick.

Horses have always been Alex's obsession. Their presence has defined her life: all her choices, from her love-life to her career, have been made with horses as her priority. But the horse business isn't for the sentimental, and it's growing harder for her to tamp down her emotions and think about the horses with her head and not her heart.

Alex's life looks pretty wonderful to the casual observer. She's in a committed relationship with a master racehorse trainer. Surrounded by hundreds of horses in the green hills of Ocala, Florida, it's a dream life for any equestrian.

But suddenly she's tired of hitting the ground when a flighty racehorse decides to spook, tired of fending off biting and kicking foals, tired of 2 AM calls for veterinary emergencies. And Alex is starting to wonder if she's made the right choices in life.

When their racing stable suffers a loss, she and Alexander slowly begin to fall apart. A chance find of a long-lost horse sends Alex alone to New York City, and she wonders if this is the sign she's been waiting for. Is it time to leave it all behind and start fresh?

Running from the lush pastures of Florida horse country to the icy streets of Brooklyn, Alex experiments with being a different sort of person, as if horses had never mattered to her, and finds herself lost in the company of strangers.

Dealing with love, loss, and obsession -- all the components of a life with horses -- "The Head and Not The Heart" brings the world of racehorses and the people who love them to life.

Improving the Rider’s Position (Th...

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To be a Champion

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Bloodline (Dick Francis Novel)

Bloodline is the new Dick Francis novel from bestseller, Felix Francis.

When Mark Shillingford commentates on a race in which his twin sister Clare, an accomplished and successful jockey, comes in third, he can't help but be suspicious. As a professional race-caller, he knows she should have won. Did she lose on purpose? Was the race fixed? Why on earth would she do something so out of character?

That night, Mark confronts Clare with his suspicions, but she storms off after an explosive argument. It's the last time Mark sees her alive. Hours later, Clare jumps to her death from the balcony of a London hotel . . . or so it seems.

Devastated by her death, and almost overcome with guilt, Mark goes in search of answers. What led Clare to take her own life?

Or was it not suicide at all . . .?

Felix Francis is the younger son of thriller-writing legend, Dick Francis, with whom he co-wrote the four most recent Dick Francis Novels, Dead Heat, Silks, Even Money and Crossfire, with Felix taking an increasingly greater role in the writing. Sadly Dick died in February 2010 but his work will live on through Felix. Gamble was Felix's first solo Dick Francis Novel.

Praise for the Dick Francis novels:

'The Francis flair is clear for all to see' Daily Mail

'The novel confirms Francis's seat at the head of crime fiction' Racing Post

'From winning post to top of the bestseller list, time after time' Sunday Times

Felix trained as a physicist and spent seventeen years teaching A level physics before taking on the role as manager to his father, and then as author. He lives in Oxfordshire.


James Tyron, a racing reporter for a London scandal sheet, knew that fellow writer Bert Chekov was a drunk, but he always thought he was an honest one. But when Bert suddenly died in an "accidental" fall from a window, Tyrone suspeced the clues to his death might be found in some suspicious columns he'd written touting can't lose horses--who myseriously failed to show up on race day. With his own professional and private lives in a chaotic jumble, Tyrone knew he'd have find a way to prove that Chekov was murdered. Be he didn't know the terrifying risk he was unwittingly about to take....

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