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Mastering Betfair: How to make serious m...

Trading the Betfair sporting markets in-play is rapidly growing in popularity thanks to the increased sporting coverage available on many different satellite and cable channels.

Enthusiasm for sport is a must, but there is much more to mastering Betfair.

Many people start by just using Betfair to obtain better odds than those available at the traditional bookmakers. They then perhaps do a little more research and learn to trade the markets. But to make a regular profit - to win and keep on winning - a serious, disciplined approach and careful planning need to be employed.

Mastering Betfair takes the reader through many low-risk strategies developed by the author over the past three years, showing how you too can benefit from these approaches to the betting exchanges. It also explains in detail why and how the Betfair user should employ disciplines - such as managing risk - that are normally associated with trading the financial markets. Indeed, through doing this it is hoped that the book will draw the attention of financial traders to the unique opportunities available on Betfair.

This book is essential reading for anyone looking to take their Betfair trading to another level and start making some serious money.

How to Make Money Online from Horse Raci...

This is not about picking winners, because anyone can do that – just back short-priced favourites. You'll get plenty of winners, but you won't make any profit, because the losers will soak up your surplus ... and then some!

No, the trick is to find horses with odds high enough to pay for the losers AND give you a profit. It's about identifying prospects that will run like favourites but pay like outsiders.

No form study is involved. No maths is required. All you need to know is which factors falsely inflate odds, and how to spot them. That's exactly what you'll learn. It can be done from 10.30 onwards in the morning – place your bets then walk away. No waiting for race-time!

Is this information unique? No ... but it's ignored by most of the betting public. Which is enough to put profit in YOUR pocket!

Other People’s Horses (Alex &...

"This is a horse story for grown-ups. The Black Stallion for adults."

"Written by a horse person for horse people"

"Enchanting and consuming."

Six horses and Saratoga. It's a young trainer's dream come true, and it's happening for Alex at last: Alexander is entrusting the farm's racing string to her while he heads Down Under to help run his sick brother's farm.

But Saratoga isn't interested in Alex without Alexander. Unproven and decidedly female in a man's world, Alex finds herself the target of old-school racetrackers certain she married her way into training good horses. At the same time, her naïve assistant, Kerri, is far too interested in the less-than-scrupulous trainer who shares their barn.

But running a racing stable doesn't leave much time for petty fights and stable rivalries. Horses need to be worked, races need to be run. And Alex has her eye on something besides the winner's circle: a funny-faced filly, a chestnut nobody with a spotty blaze and a decided lack of brakes. Saratoga thinks the filly has a screw loose. But Alex knows better.

From training track gossip to tack-room confidentials, OTHER PEOPLE'S HORSES continues the story of Alex and Alexander -- two Thoroughbred trainers trying to do that right thing -- that began in THE HEAD AND NOT THE HEART.

*In keeping with its racetrack theme, this book contains strong language.

A Horse Racing System Based On A Statist...

There are many systems for horse racing which have been made and failed over the years. This system is different in that it looks at the statisitcal truths which have remained intact since horse racing began and profits from them.

This is not a get rich quick guide and it does require some work each morning to get ready for the day. The system which is described can be turned into a bot and used against betfair.

This system has generated a profit over the timeframes indicated in the book. As always though gambling can be risky and the author takes no responsibility for any losses incurred from following this system.

Winning on Betfair For Dummies

Title: Winning on Betfair For Dummies <>Binding: Paperback <>Author: Alex Gowar <>Publisher: Wiley

Method in My Madness: 10 Years Out of th...

"engaging, witty and thought-provoking read, with reflections from the mind of a true champion" -- Daily Mail

"Superbly-crafted, it is no ordinary racing autobiography. Though his thoughts on the sport are, as always, hard-hitting and sometimes controversial, it will appeal to a much wider audience. We reckon it's another winner for Dunwoody!" --Daily Mirror

"Hard-hitting" & "Superb" - Racing Post

"get into a sportsman's head" ... "fascinates on racing issues" -- Spectator

"Hard-hitting" & "Superb" --Racing Post

"But this is more than just one man's story. Method in My Madness is a handbook for sportspeople and non sportspeople alike facing up to retirement with trepidation...his honesty will strike a chord with all who have been forced to face up to the dreaded R word. It is also essential reading for sports journalists everywhere." -- Irish World

Insightful and revealing account of life in retirement from the three times Champion Jockey, who remains a legend of the sport, considered by many to be the greatest ever jump jockey.

A decade after a reluctant retirement, "Method In My Madness" reveals Richard Dunwoody to be as driven and focused as ever, finding new challenges away from riding winners and combining his sense of adventure with a keen sense of perspective and humour.

He reveals his thoughts on how racing has changed in this time and on the jockeys of today, paying particular attention to AP McCoy's phenomenal achievements.

"All sportsmen fear retirement. Time is our great enemy", 14 times Champion Jockey AP McCoy acknowledges in the foreword, and this thought provoking and self-aware book reflects on what it is like to stare into the void left by a professional career and all consuming-life taken away by early retirement.

Method In My Madness confirms Richard remains a driven and focused individual. Whether he is flirting with polar bears in the Arctic, enduring dramatic human tensions on the Antarctic ice, taking tea and tips from the Queen, leading riding holidays in war torn lands, walking 1000 miles in 1000 hours going nowhere in Newmarket or taking to the Strictly Come Dancing floor with Lilia Kopylova, Richard continues to live a fascinating life.

The story is told with the characteristic candour that defined his bestselling career autobiography Obsessed, and Method In My Madness is packed with opinion on well known names from racing and sport but most tellingly on the people from all walks of life that have become his new role models.

In answering the questions he is asked most often, Richard poses a few of his own. Never again will people wonder why he turned his back on racing.

Richard Dunwoody is a man who has always done things his own way, inspiring some, irritating others. Method In My Madness continues this rich vein of form.

Vincent O’Brien: The National Hunt...

Vincent O'Brien: The National Hunt Years Rating: List Price: unavailable Sale Price: £9.99 Availability: unspecified Product Description No description available. Details No features available.

National Hunt Guide 2003-04

National Hunt Guide 2003-04 Rating: List Price: £15.00 Sale Price: £7.50 Availability: unspecified Product Description No description available. Details No features available.

The racing calendar, races past

Rating: List Price: unavailable Sale Price: Too low to display. Availability: unspecified Product Description No description available. Details No features available.

The New Complete Manual of Racing and Be...

The New Complete Manual Of Racing And Betting Systems

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