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The Poker Botting Manual: Earn Stonecold...

I am a Poker Player and started using Bots to make money by Playing Poker in Poker Rooms.
I am here to give this guide to all the newbies and the veterans of Poker a Bot that will make you play poker without not even playing on your own and also without even investing any sum as you will get free money to play and after earning it, invest it more.
You also do not need to buy any other poker guides and manuals.
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In this guide you will get:
1. Free Poker money:
2. The Bot:
3. Bot Profile:
4. Getting free money:
5. Running the Bot:
6. About the luck in Poker:
7. Getting a Rakeback deal:
8. Final tips:

Freud on Course: The Racing Lives of Cle...

Sir Clement Freud was a man of many parts, but his devotion to racing and betting had been lifelong and unwavering. He owned several racehorses. As well as riding in several races he was a fearless punter, winning a fortune after backing himself to win the 1973 Ely by-election at 33-1. This book brings together some of the best of Freud on racing.

Twice Lucky: Lighter Side of Steeplechas...

Twice Lucky: Lighter Side of Steeplechasing (Pelham practical sports) Rating: List Price: £10.95 Sale Price: £76.91 Availability: unspecified Product Description No description available. Details No features available.

High Stakes (Contemporary Cowboy Romance...

A Contemporary Cowboy Romance Novella.

Heather and Declan are finally going to tie the knot! But problems keep cropping up at the ranch and delaying the wedding. Heather is finally face to face with the man behind all these problems, but will she survive the encounter?

The Carcassonne Affair – a fast-pa...

A Horse Racing Fiction with an Irish Connection

When novelist Mark Brayfeld inadvertently threatens to expose corruption in the horse racing world, a London financier hires ruthless minions from Ireland to ensure Mark’s next book on horse racing is suppressed at all cost.

Expat Living in France and a French Life

Unaware of the pursuit, Mark coincidentally has decided to leave London, sever a long-standing relationship with his girlfriend, and savour the delights of French life as a writer living in the South of France, every expat's dream. But leaving behind a woman scorned is rarely wise. His ex-partner soon becomes embroiled in the quest to ensure Mark’s silence, unaware of the ruthless nature of her new Irish friends. Expat living in France beckons, with eye-opening consequences for both as this mystery novel unfolds. French life soon turns out to be a lot more exciting than Mark anticipated, but for all the wrong reasons.

Irish Criminals In France

An Irish crime fraternity set on silencing him before he can publish his next book, and already irritated by the fact they missed him by only hours in London, pursue Mark on his journey to the South of France where he plans to start his new life. Their plans for Mark are completely different and their criminal intentions could well mean no life at all for our hero, if that is what it will take to ensure his silence.

A Murder Mystery

Once Mark arrives in his about to be restored home in France, close to Carcassonne, the tranquillity he was looking forward to is shattered. Mark, together with long-established expats he meets in a rural village bar, are thrown into an alien world where violence and crime are commonplace. A murder mystery brings everything to a head, and matters deteriorate rapidly as a high-ranking officer of the gendarmerie vows to uncover the truth. And that’s when the affair takes even more extraordinary turns. New relationships for old may be the answer!

Brilliant escapist fiction in this mystery novel

This book was written for lovers of French life, Irish crime and mystery novels . . .

A Weight Off My Mind: My Autobiography

A Weight Off My Mind A searingly-honest account the 2012 British Champion Flat Jockey and his long battle with mind and body. Full description

You Bet: The Betfair Story and How Two M...

The fascinating tale of how one company spawned a huge international business success story, created legions of new gamblers and revolutionised the worlds of gambling and sport for ever.

Betbotpro Automated Betting Software Man...

This is the full manual for the Betbotpro Automated Betting software. It contains detailed information regarding how to install and setup the software as well as giving many examples of various betting strategies you can use to profit from the hundred's of races around the world on the betting exchanges everyday.

Total Betfair Football Trading: LTD-Relo...

Das weltberühmte Total Football Trading jetzt ins Deutsche übersetzt!

Total Betfair Football Trading präsentiert LTD Reloaded. Benutzen Sie diese einzigartige Handelsmethode um fantastische in-play Profite durch Betfair zu erzielen. Diese Methode ist eine neue Drehung der alten “Lay The Draw”, die von vielen Fußballhändlern benutzt wird. Sie werden feststellen, dass Sie auf diese Weise viel größere Profite absahnen, daher möchten Sie sich diese einzigartige Methode nicht entgehen lassen.

My Days at W.A.’s

Known within the racing fraternity as W A, Arthur Stephenson was one of the country’s leading National Hunt horse racing trainers. He was recognised throughout the horse racing world for his dour determination and absolute fairness. But, like many trainers, behind the public image was a more unscrupulous facet to his personality.

When Kevin Jewett joined W A’s as a stable lad he was not much more than a boy but he was soon to become and accomplished jockey in his own right and, as he did so, began to learn some of the not so scrupulous tricks that have plagued the horse racing industry for generations. Tricks including ‘stopping’ a horse to prevent it from winning.

In this book he shares with us all of his personal experiences of his time at Arthur Stephenson’s stables , in an eye-opening and revealing account of what goes on behind the scenes of horse racing, the good, the bad and the downright illegal. This book is a must read for all those who have ever wondered why their horse should have won but didn’t and, indeed, everyone with even a passing interest in horse racing.

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