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Laying to Liability

mad_scientistLaying to Liability

Well... I've been hard at work in the lab, Juggling my test tubes and bunsen burners and, Have finally got the Laying to Liability (on Betfair, to £50 stakes) option on The Builder finished. I have run some queries and audited them and the results look right to me. You may want to run a few queries just to satisfy yourself that it works properly but I am quite happy with how it works.

Selection Filtering

focus_ratings_filter_selectionsFiltering Selections

In order to prepare for the launch of our Portfolio (a group of high ROI systems designed to generate one selection a day), Jill and I have actually started betting on the selections. Somehow, risking my own money (from my red wine and smelly cheese fund) on the selections sort of seems the honourable thing to do? Anyway... Yesterday a selection came up but... Before I put a bet on... I had an idea. I know... That sort of thing doesn't happen often but... Yesterday it saved me money. And that's always nice, isn't it?

Weekend Work


Well, it's been a busy weekend for me as I've been busy adding more functionality to Focus Ratings and fixing a few bugs. So... In no particular order... Here's what's changed...

Builder – Updates


Firstly, I'd like to apologise for this mornings problems with the ratings. I'm not sure why the first email missed off some races but... I'll investigate this afternoon. So, on a totally unrelated matter... Those of you who use The Builder will have noticed that I've added an RC2 menu. I was going through some old analysis spreadsheets and found one that had some analysis of performance of the ratings according to different levels of RC2. But, first, I'll explain RC1 so that you'll know where we're starting from.

Laying Systems

focus_ratings_hard_at_workLaying Systems...

I was busy, this morning, trying to fix some bugs and catch up on some of the emails that I didn't answer over weekend when... I answered an email from Derek which started me thinking about Laying Systems. And then... Spent the rest of the day, hard at the coal face, as it were... Coming up with some. I've done 6 so far and made them all Public. You can take a look at them over at I have the feeling that they might end up forming the basis of a Laying Portfolio?

Builder – Updates


It's been a busy weekend of bug fixes and updates and.. I've made some more updates to the Builder

Laying Systems..

The Laying Systems part of the Builder is now finally finished. I've added the Save System button back and you can save your Laying Systems. On the Systems Page, there is now a link to the Laying Systems (all one of them, at the moment.)

Free System – A Walkthrough…

national_hunt_chase_ladies_systemA Free System!

Now, I've often said that we do rubbish on Mondays! But, what do I know? Yesterday we managed a 44.83% Strike Rate for the top rated horse... And 82.76% of all races were won by one of the top three rated horses - that should be of interest to the layers? I've also said that we do rubbish in Apprentice races! So, you can imagine my shock when I discovered that it is actually profitable to blindly back the top rated horse in all Flat Apprentice races! So, I dived into the Builder to take a look at how I could increase the profitability. And... Decided to write a walkthrough to show you how I create my systems.

Free System – It’s like the ...

national_hunt_chase_ladies_systemA Free System!

It's a bit like the busses, isn't it? You wait forever for one.... And then two turn up at the same time? So, no sooner than I was saying that I'd just published the first NH Flat public system when... I went back to take another look at the system Ang sent me and I thought that I had a cunning way to simplify it. So, I dived into the Builder to take a look. And... Came up with another take on Bumpers. Which only has FOUR RULES! The nice thing is that, what made it work was the inclusion of RC0 (my good race/bad race indicator that I mentioned in Eureka Revisited!)

Free System – RC0 makes it work!

national_hunt_chase_ladies_systemA Free System!

I've been looking at more of the systems that Ang has sent me and... One of them was the first NH Flat system that I'd seen anyone attempt. So, I dived into the Builder to take a look. And... Then ended up coming up with my own take on Bumpers. The nice thing is that, what made it work was the inclusion of RC0 (my good race/bad race indicator that I mentioned in Eureka Revisited!)

Eureka! – Revisited


An apology for this morning. There is one critical period of the day when lots of calculations are being made by Cortex (the central program that generates the ratings.) This is between 9am and 9:50am and... This is when the Forecast Price is calculated. This morning, a security patch was applied to my server. My hosting complany didn't have time to warn me (it was an important update) and... Guess when they applied it? Yes, right in the middle of the Forecast Price calculations!

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