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Horse Racing Betting System ResultsMy name is Keith Eckstein and I'm the creator of Focus Ratings.

Following feedback from some recent visitors to Focus Ratings....

I have created this page so that you may leave your comments and read those of other visitors.

Obviously, for in depth discussion registered members may use the forum but...

Some people will prefer to leave a comment here.

My kindest regards

Horse Racing Betting System Results

60 Responses to “Comments”

  1. james connor says:

    Hi Keith

    Is it possible to get results broken down into racetype with the top 3 rated finishing positions. I’m thinking that the ratings will probably have courses that the highest 3 rated horses perform better at.I see you have results and % for race types and race courses however I cannot determine how the top 3 rated performed individually. An example maybe the previous days racing PDF updated with results on specifically the top 3 rated.This data could then be used to identify horses that do or don’t do well at certain courses.I believe the horse at track data is a massive influence when making selections with so many different types of tracks. With this info it will also be possible to identify the tracks the top 3 rated perform best at. I hope this in makes sense…

  2. neil bowker says:

    has nobody commented since March?
    I have just posted in the forum and would be glad of a response.


  3. huseyin nazim says:

    hello keith and team
    just signed up.last week i was trawling through the form of outsiders at big prices on betfair.i noticed one at a massive 330.0 with a recent win in a ptp .i won 630pnds for a 2pnd stake. i noticed ballyglasheen on saturday i was out and missed it. i think focus ratings can help me to make my form study easier and to see an underpriced horse at high odds so i can continue to get the massive priced winners

  4. steve devlin says:

    just joined after a weeks trial and still baffled by the ratings apart from the fact there are 3 good horses to choose from each with different odds.. now what.. luck if i choose no 1 or 3 with higher odds.. anyway good fun ahead and a few accies to try out. cheers

  5. james connolly says:

    Hi Members
    I took a weeks free trial as we all do and I have been travelling for the past week since the trial. I have to admit that I was quite annoyed at the results!!!! Only because they were amazing. Every day after a hard days work I would check the results against the ratings and was horrified to see how many winners i missed out on. I love a bet but have never been fortunate to win overall at my favourite passtime. I am certain there is a way to use these ratings to make serious money. Dutching of course is one but I think there are ways to make bigger returns from your hard earned. Not sure how but I feel like I’m looking a gift horse in the mouth! Would love to hear from anyone who has tweeked the system provided to improve strike rate and avoid dutching. All thoughts would be gratefully appreciated. wishing you all a merry xmas and hope to get to know you over the journey to success. James

  6. pete anketell says:

    first race i looked at today was the 12.10 and using your ratings picked the 33/1 winner
    ballyglasheen only signed up for these ratings yesterday and would have most deffinately looked past this selection for one of the 2 favs and probably put a bigger stake on and lost

  7. Maurice says:

    Many thanks for the ‘Results by Race type’ updates Keith.

    Much appreciated

  8. Maurice says:

    Hello Keith

    I use the ‘Results by Race type’ extensively plus the ‘Confidence’ factor in a neat little system that is showing quite encouraging results after only a few weeks.

    To make it even more effective is it possible for the ‘Results by Race type’ to be updated beyond their present date of 07/07/2013?

    I am not aware of the work involved in such updating so I may be asking too much?


  9. Paul Webb says:

    Hi Keith

    Another great addition to the ratings today with the Jockey/Trainer angle, thanks very much!

    Best regards


    • Keith Eckstein says:


      Glad you like it!

      Plenty of good things to come!

      There’s probably an angle to the new data delivered today; I’m busy number crunching now!

      So far (6pm), all top three rated horses which have a unique jockey/trainer combination have either won or been placed in the top three.

      Perhaps an each way system lives there?

      All the best


      • Paul Webb says:

        I’m sure there’s a system there Keith, it’s one of several angles I’ve been working on since joining – will be much faster now, so I’ll have time to explore a couple of other ideas as well!!

        Thanks for the reply, and keep up the good work 😉

        Best regards


  10. ben mansfield says:

    On 29/08/13 7:40 Ling, you had Nepalese Pearl and Bullseye Babe joint rated 3rd @ 2.55 – BB was on the pdf, NP was on the csv file. I was using the latter so good for me as it placed, but why the discrepancy?

    Also, minor niggle, but would be good if you quoted VAT inc price rather than exc. At least you avoided the classic £27/37/£97 etc pricing structure!

  11. mike C says:

    love this time of year, form all sorted, and making good profit from place betting only. keep up the great work Kieth as your ratings help me top up the pension.

  12. mike cox says:

    fantastic results on the 17th july
    from ling 2.0 through to 6.05 sandown made 9.56 points in the place market only.
    Happy day

  13. G Thomas says:

    Beauty – anyone else on Bold Ring final race at Kempton last night? … ISP 26 / BSP 44.87(!)

    A nice round off to a great day.

  14. marilyn dennis says:

    Hi Keith, thanks for including the No of runners on the results page, i find this extremely useful. Do you intend to fill in the blanks re: form, No of runners, on previous pages for historical results purposes. I appreciate the amount of work that would involve, and in the great scheme of things wouldn’t make a huge difference, so just wondering really.



    • G Thomas says:

      I echo the same from Marilyn – are you able to historically apply the number of runners to the results listed on the site please? Thank you.

  15. marilyn dennis says:

    A minor point i know, but the last form figure for Hip hip hooray in the 9.00 @ Windsor is incorrect.

  16. Derek Foster says:

    Hi Keith,

    Is it possible to add a “class” column to idicate whether horse has gone up, down, or stayed in the same class please ?

  17. william fiesleler says:

    hi keith,been using the ratings @ had managed to build up a £300 bank but its all but gone.can you advise of any viable stratagies?because without a doubt the ratings are excellent.cheers bill

  18. Paddy Canavan says:

    Hi Keith
    Have been impressed with Focus Ratings. Doing each way singles for a couple of weeks on top rated 120+ and bank has grown steadily with only a couple of days where I have not made a profit. Today I decided to put a couple of multis together and WOW !!!! although with no particular rules as to what horses to combine from the selections I ended up with a lucky 63 that lost £6.09 but also a lucky 31 with 5 winners returning £142.99 for a £6.20 stake – Happy days !!!!!!!

  19. Paul Morrison says:

    Hi Keith
    This is a follow up request.
    The ratings are excellent, but to be most effective I would like to have a ‘result by race type’ year to date.
    You did provide this early march but by now we will have more data to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the system.
    Eg handicaps,claimers,sellers etc.
    I realise this is additional work for you but i firmly believe this info will help us take more money from the enemy!
    Many thanks
    Paul Morrison

    • Paul Morrison says:

      I have left a comment for members to view on 01/07/13 but it is still awaiting moderation.
      Is there a problem I am not aware of?
      Thank you in advance of your reply
      Paul Morrison

  20. mike cox says:

    fantastic ratings Kieth ,i am now retired and by using your ratings i can now top up my pension i recive from the goverment and make life enjoyable. Please keep up the wonderfull work
    All the best

  21. william fiesleler says:

    hi, has anyone got any suggestions on how to maximise profits from keiths excellent ratings?what im finding is I win with backing the first two top rated,but missing out when the 3rd comes up @ its fairly obvious you wont make profits backing all 3 in every race.can anyone make a suggestion please?

  22. Graeme says:

    daniel there is a fantastic piece of kit called Betdaq Dutching which is a free d/load from Bet Angel. It works out your stake automatically and adjusts as the prices change. Other way is Bet Angel itself with the In-Play Trader so you can trade for green screen in-play

  23. Daniel P Devlin says:

    Does anyone think there could be any profit in dutching the place market with nthe three selections, possibly if done early enough before the market fully forms>

  24. william fiesleler says:

    hi,been using the ratings for a week now,but like the subscriber above,i find it difficult to choose the correct races to make an overall profit on.could you make a suggestion please? bill(William)

  25. Kevin Gilroy says:

    Hi guys
    where is the results page please?

  26. thomas jones says:

    dear keith
    at the moment I am on kur ( till 8th june ).I can not open your advice in hotel because of security.I would like to have a free trial when I get back home is that possible ?.as I only du place pots your raitings might be able to help me
    best wishes
    thomas jones

  27. mags says:


    Just looking through your results your are quoting places that are not paid so your results are misleading.


  28. russell t stock says:

    Enjoying your ratings but I think weekends should be avoided at all costs

  29. comperbee says:

    Hi all
    Just had a few days of losses 🙁 but have been using my winnings (was up £160 using Keith’s ratings) and then today managed to clear £17 so, phew!
    I don’t kept records, I just watch my balance in Paddy Power and Bet fair 🙂
    I switch between singles & e/w doubles…today I did a couple of singles on BF so I think I need to be a bit more selective..I mean, I shouldn’t be trying to cover all the races he has on the daily ratings lol
    Good luck everyone 🙂

  30. marilyn dennis says:

    Hi Keith,

    On the results page it would be useful if you could, as well as the race type, put the No of runners in the races which would give a quicker picture of approx place profits, without having to search out those races on other sites, racing post etc.

    Great ratings though, £10 a month well spent, well done.

  31. comperbee says:

    I recently received an email from The Punters Pal about Focus Ratings offering a few days free trial. I didn’t take advantage of it but did check out the stats after the races and was very pleasantly surprised with Keith’s much so that I joined up a few days ago! 🙂 I didn’t have any luck yesterday – I tend to do e/w doubles – but this evening I’ve had a few wins and am up by £30 so I’m happy. Not a lot but I’ve had fun on Betfair and it’s kept me amused for a few hours!
    When I try to open the Early Bird email it’s all gobbledygook so I wait for the 10am email. Not sure if that’s just a problem for me or others have the same issue? (It’s the same whethter I try to open it on my PC or iPad)

  32. michael murphy says:

    hello ,the results for the race types ,are they for top rated or top 3 rated thanks.

  33. Keith Eckstein says:

    Hi Paul

    I’m so sorry – “Fat Fingered Eckstein” strikes again!

    I must have hit the 5 key rather than the 2 key – it really wasn’t an attempt to deceive, just a careless error.

    Thank you for pointing it out to me, I have adjusted the results to indicate that Limit id, in fact, start at 3.0

    My kindest regards


  34. Paul Bennett says:

    Your email yesterday and results page for 25/3 show Limit up winning at 4/1 ISP. Where did that come from ? It went off at 2/1.

  35. michael whitehill says:

    Im about to use the daily selections to test out some basic trading strategies. The many races covered each day suggests it should be fairly easy to find early prices which will come down just prior to the off. For traders the odds price movement is the only thing that provides profit. Im relatively new to this so it will take a time to get the feel of things. If there are any other members who are trading or have experience of trading on horses please make contact via this forum. Im looking to Peter Webb the betfair guru of trading for advice and training,(may go on his one day training course) I am also hoping to see many other betting suggestions for this Focusratings service,

  36. michael whitehill says:

    Duh just noticed the latest e mail from Keith which give us an excellent spreadsheet from which I can work out my searches of results to obtain an R.O.I. thanks excellent service.(promise I will try and keep up, bit past me sell-by date)

  37. michael whitehill says:

    just joined this site,I need to take a closer look at approximate ROI based on dutching 1st and 2nd selections and 1st 2nd & 3rd selections. Has any member got a spreadsheet record based on a point to profit result for these selections, asking a lot at this early stage I know,if you dont ask you dont get.

  38. c albin says:

    In the user guide you need to change 14).CP Class Winner to Class Places and in 18). R4 change avarage to average. 😉

  39. c albin says:

    How do people find using pdf? personally I find it awkward and prefer excel or csv, are there any plans to produce the ratings in one of these formats? I’ve tried using different pdf converters but they don’t convert with 100% accuracy.

  40. Paul Bennett says:

    My first day today using small £2 stakes. 3 month subscription already paid for, plus more in the bank 🙂

  41. luie says:

    hi could you keep todays ratings up longer than 5pm and put the f/c on the site ratings aswell as pdf…thanks…some good winners…cheers

  42. doug dugdale says:

    I think the set up and presentaion is good ,but it is to early to make a valuable coment on the useage regards doug.

  43. danny bryant says:

    Hi, It’s 5.15 pm and I was using today’s ratings online to place my bets but after having to restart Firefox I now am getting tomorrows ratings and can’t seem to get back to todays. How can I get todays back please. I Only subscribed today so didn’t get the email with todays in this morning so had to access them from the website.

  44. chris potterton says:

    I have subscibed for a quarter as I think there is huge potential in the dutchig game, still working on that! Also e/w doubles on those available over 10/1, but with a conf of 95% and above – frightening results if you nare a bookie!

    • chris potterton says:

      Just to prove a point. Today backed the following in 15 x £5ew doubles. Iron Duke,Fairynuff,Chemistry master,Heezasteel,Just Spot and Annas Arch. Staked £150, return £1178.50!

  45. Jill Harrison says:

    Another comment that has been received via John & Mark Cutts (of fame)

    Very good! Keep up the good work!

    Thanks very much Dave! Jill Harrison

  46. Jill Harrison says:

    Another comment that has been received via John & Mark Cutts (of fame)

    Kemal wrote:
    > These ratings are pretty good aren’t they! Hopefully he won’t ask for
    > silly prices when he starts selling it. I’d pay a tenner a month for
    > them.

    Yes £10 a month is not a lot these days is it. Thanks for your comments Kemal! Jill Harrison

  47. Jill Harrison says:

    Another comment that I received via John & Mark Cutts (of fame)

    Hi John,

    I have followed the ratings for two days and both have been
    excellent. Today I placed bets using real money with just small stakes
    dutching the selections in the win market. I finished in the black but
    am still fine tuning the staking system. Give my compliments to the
    authors of system and tell them I am following their product with
    great interest.


    Thank you for your kind comments Keith! Jill Harrison

  48. Jill Harrison says:

    Another comment that I received via John & Mark Cutts (of fame)

    the ratings on 3/2 were very good. I am impressed.

    looking forward to more trials.


    Thanks for your kind comments Paul!

  49. Keith Eckstein says:

    Another comment that I received via John & Mark Cutts (of fame)

    Hi John

    Well what can I say other than these results are quite unbelievable.

    Unfortunately I was not able to use the ratings until late in the day yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by the results from the races late on. Imagine my reaction when I then checked the results for the earlier races to say I was surprised is an understatement I was shocked.

    Do you and Keith have any further plans to provide ratings prior to the system going live if so let me know.

    There is nothing complicated about the system at all although I know some people will say all they want are the names of the three horses and no back up info. Keep up the good work.

    Is Keith providing anything for Cheltenham!!!!!!!



    Thanks you Hugh, for your kind comment and for your permission to publish it here. Keith Eckstein

  50. Keith Eckstein says:

    A comment that I received via John & Mark Cutts (of fame)

    Hi John

    I only read your email after the races had finished for the day but I have spent a good few hours analyzing the results and I am very excited at todays results.

    I make it 9/35 listed as First and 21/35 First in in those quoted to be 1st, 2nd or 3rd and 49 places in 35 races with 4 giving all 3 places out of 3.

    These figures are amazing and I would definitely like to get involved in the Focus Rating system because those results would go hand in hand with some ideas I have on a betting system I would like to try.

    I did not find anywhere on the link to make any comments hence my email to you.

    How could I get involved in getting the info on a regular basis to test the results further?

    Vernon Mackrory

    Thanks you Vernon, for your kind comment and for your permission to publish it here.

    Keith Eckstein

    P.S. Vernon, it was your comment that prompted me to add this comments page!

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