Focus Ratings is a Uk and Irish Horse Racing ratings service designed to aid you and help you narrow the field so that you can concentrate on the real contenders. Our completely computerised analysis system selects the top three rated horses from each race and sends out the ratings every day at 10:00 a.m.  Wonderful results and an excellent strike rate.  Use Focus Ratings to win more money and make more profits from British and Irish Horse Racing.  The only horse racing system you'll ever need.

When do the ratings come out?

stock-market-timingYour Focus Ratings will be emailed to you (as a PDF attachment) at 10.00am each morning.

In order to ensure that all members get their emails we have to slow down the delivery process. However, all emails are delivered before 10:15am.

From that time onwards, you will also be able to log onto the website and visit The Ratings Page to see the ratings online.

The results are added at 10pm on the day of the races...

The Statistics are continuously updated,.


3 Responses to “When do the ratings come out?”

  1. donald mclachan says:

    i have the same Questions as earl porteous.

    • Keith Eckstein says:

      At the moment you can’t search for systems by Author but, next week I’ll add that functionality and also, to be able to list the top 10 systems over the last 3 months.

  2. earle porteous says:

    Hi, two queries – 1) how do I delete any systems I dont want emailed to me? 2) Can I search for systems by author? Am really enjoying the site. Thanks Earle

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