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A Good Day – 28-02-2012


An excellent day, which showed that recent tweaks have really started to take effect.

Performance of top rated horses

Focus Ratings managed to produce winners out of the 29 races from top rated horses (a percentage of 34.48%)

Apart from the 10 wins, the top rated horses managed to come 2nd or 3rd 6 times, giving a place strike rate for the top rated horse of 20.69%.

Performance of the top three rated horses

The top three rated horses managed to find 19 winners from the 29 races!

A stunning strike rate of 65.52%


All in all, a rather pleasing set of results and a pointer to the future.

Details of all today's races may be seen here... Focus Racing Results 28/02/2013

And there's more...

For 9 of those races, Focus Ratings successfully predicted the first two horses in a race (in any order) and in 4 of those races Focus Ratings actually got all the first 3 horses (in any order.)

In fact, in the 5pm at Ludlow, Focus Ratings successfully predicted the first three horses in the right order!

There were three races where Focus Ratings successfully predicted the first two horses in the correct order!

Winning Horses

Date Course Time Horse Result ISP
2013-02-28 Ludlow 04:30 The General Lee 1 3.50
2013-02-28 Kempton (AW) 08:30 Rapid Water 1 5.00
2013-02-28 Thurles 03:55 Bright New Dawn 1 2.50
2013-02-28 Ludlow 03:30 Ballyoliver 1 7.50
2013-02-28 Thurles 02:55 Mount Benbulben 1 3.75
2013-02-28 Southwell (AW) 03:20 Miako 1 2.75
2013-02-28 Thurles 02:25 Carrig Millie 1 3.75
2013-02-28 Taunton 02:10 Bellflower Boy 1 7.00
2013-02-28 Ludlow 03:00 Grassfinch 1 10.00
2013-02-28 Ludlow 02:30 Arthurs Pass 1 2.25
2013-02-28 Southwell (AW) 04:20 Honest Deal 1 3.75
2013-02-28 Kempton (AW) 07:30 Thecornishcockney 1 2.50
2013-02-28 Taunton 03:40 Jupiter Rex 1 1.67
2013-02-28 Thurles 04:55 Thepartysover 1 15.00
2013-02-28 Taunton 04:10 Thunderstorm 1 1.80
2013-02-28 Southwell (AW) 02:50 Hiddon Coin 1 2.75
2013-02-28 Ludlow 05:00 Dropzone 1 2.10
2013-02-28 Taunton 04:40 Benedictus 1 5.00
2013-02-28 Taunton 03:10 Sublime Talent 1 4.33



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