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A good day?

graph-good-resultsA good day for Focus Ratings yesterday!

Overall the top rated horse won 33.33% of its races and came in the top three in 81.48% of the races that it ran in.

The top three rated horses won 66.67% of their races.

Full details can be seen at Yesterday's Results

Some notables...

Our top rated horse in the 5:15 at Brighton (Even Bolder) won at 20/1!

In the 3:00 at Newton Abbot we successfully predicted the Tricast which paid the amazing sum of... £107.53!

Notable top rated winners are...

1). Mount Welcome in the 3:00 at Newton Abbot - won @ 6.0
2). Saint Roque in the 3:30 at Newton Abbot - won @ 1.4
3). Highlife Dancer in the 3:45 at Brighton - won @ 2.5
4). Little Eaglet in the 4:30 at Newton Abbot - won @ 4.0
5). Party Palace in the 5:00 at Newton Abbot - won @ 3.75
6). Even Bolder in the 5:15 at Brighton - won @ 21.00
7). Turf Trivia in the 6:40 at Southwell - won @ 8.00
8). Now Then Charlie in the 7:10 at Southwell - won @ 2.88
9). Exotic Isle in the 9:00 at Windsor - won @ 2.00

If you had backed every top rated horse yesterday (all 27 of them) for £1 a time it would have cost you £27 and the bookies would have returned £51.53 to you!

That's a 90.85% profit on the day (assuming that you didn't get better prices by using BOG?)

Now, I'm not suggesting that backing the top rated blind is a sensible thing to do but...

It may be doing analysis to see which type of races the top rated horse didn't win yesterday and, using that as a filter, identifying a subset of top rated horses that would be profitable to back?


I'd love to hear any success/good luck stories that you may care to share!

You might even want to mention them on the forum (did I mention that we have a forum????)

Were you on Even Bolder?

Did you get the Tricast?

Did you Dutch your way to profits?

If so, don't be shy - let us know!

I've started a new Forum Post just so that you can do so!

This can be found at Success Stories!

My kindest regards


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