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An Update…

updateGood afternoon...

I just wanted to update you on the updates to the system to fix the bugs that are affecting parts of the system.

I hope to be posting (at least) one of these updates each day until all the problems are resolved.

1). Forecast Prices :

I have fixed the problem with missing forecast prices. This morning's ratings had forecast prices for 99% of all the runners. I do have to add another chunk of code tomorrow to make the forecast prices more accurate but that's almost an add on rather than a bug fix.

2). Betfair Prices :

I have updated all the missing Betfair Win prices. I still need to do the Place prices but that's another job for tomorrow.

3). Member's Proofing Pages :

I have written a fix to sort out the problem with your systems proofing page. However, this is running incredibly slowly and, at this moment, is only up to the 4th of April (and it's been running for hours) so it may not be complete until tomorrow morning.

4). Missing Last Race :

I have put in a fix to sort out the bug where the last race of the day wasn't being shown.

Conclusion :

I have decided to finish for the day as I'm getting a bit code blind.

I have run a (very) early test of the Early Bird Ratings using the new code and they look fine to my bleary eyes.

I shall carry on tomorrow - mainly looking at the morning PDFs and CSVs to sort out the silly things there (like the race price being truncated.)

If I manage to implement any fixes before the ratings go out I'll let you know about them (I think that I have fixed the missing horse weight problem but I won't know until tomorrow's ratings are produced.)

As always...

My kindest regards


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