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An Update


I just thought that I'd give you a quick update on the results of the server upgrade that happened last Thursday.

I have to admit that I hadn't anticipated the amount of work that would be involved in transitioning but I've pretty much caught up now.

This is the current status...

1). Morning Ratings

The morning ratings are now going out automatically and are showing all races. It looks like when the data upload is done manually it is more fussy about the data; the automated upload ignores things like spaces in the wrong places.

As a result of the new code the ratings seem to be coming out a few minutes earlier than before.

2). Evening Preview Ratings

These are now automated and coming out on time.

Yesterday they didn't have forecast prices but that was because I'd forgotten to restore one important program file from the backups. I've now restored this file and the ratings should be correct from today.

Whilst I've been sorting out the Early Bird Preview ratings I've sort of noticed that they are in the same format as they were when we first started 4 years ago.

Thus, I am going to add a few more formats (but I'll keep the current formats.)

I'll certainly add the meeting format so that, if you're going to the races tomorrow, you can print out the 2 page PDF that relates to that meeting.

There'll also be a 7 races to the page format which will be similar to the normal morning ratings format.

3). Results

The results aren't being computed at the moment. This is mainly because that happens between 2am and 4am every morning and, because I get up very early, I'm finding it difficult to stay up late enough to walk them through.

However, I think that I've resolved all the issues and am confident that the results will be calculated from tonight.

Over the weekend I'll manually add the missing results.


Once again, I'd like to apologise for the problems.

It has been a far more difficult process than I had envisioned.

But, it is coming to an end and there are some good points; we're getting the ratings slightly earlier and there are going to be more formats for the Early Bird Preview Ratings.

And I would like to reassure you that it's only a rumour that I've I've been contacting local builders for quotes to have a 3 foot high brick wall built next to my desk.

Just so that I can kneel down and bang my head against it the next time the server gets upgraded!

Seriously, we're not due another upgrade for at least 3 years but a brick wall to bang my head against sounds like a good idea anyway.


All the best


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