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Builder – an update


I have finished the Builder...

Or, the current version of it anyway?

Tomorrow I will write a simple manual for it but it's really very simple to use (it's a bit like Adrian Massey's System Builder.)

You can find the Builder at... Builder

What's next?

I'll also start working on the Save System facility tomorrow.

This will allow you to save your Systems and automatically receive an email (at about 10:30am) with any selections from your Systems.

I'll also allow you to publish a System so that any other member may subscribe to it (and receive the emailed selections.)

I shall be making any systems that I produce, available to all members in this way.

Finally, I shall produce an Error button to be displayed upon the Results page.

If you get an error (or don't receive the results that you expected) then you will be able to click on this button and an email will be sent to me with the details of your query so that I can look into it and get back to you.


I hope that you find the Builder useful.

If you have any ideas for improving it (or find any difficulties in using it) then please let me know.

My kindest regards


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