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Builder – System Options…


I don't know what the weather is like where you are?

My experience is, that if you live in Manchester, it's probably cold and raining?

But, over here (in France), it is criminally hot!


Work must go on?

And I certainly don't want to give you nightmares by telling you that it's so hot that I'm sat in front of 3 hot computers wearing just my undies!

So I won't tell you that!


This morning I received an email from a member who asked... "Is there anyway to switch off Builder Selection emails if there are no selections that day?"

Well, I've done just that!

Members Page

If you go to your Members Page you'll see that there is an option to turn your email alerts on or off dependant on whether there are any Builder selections each day.

I've just spent 20 minutes switching my alerts on and off...

I really do need to get out more!

So, I'm pretty sure that it works!

I've also slightly changed the format of the daily Builder Alerts email, to better highlight any selections.

You see....

And speaking of Systems!

This morning I received my first ever Builder selection!

And I've only been using the Builder for 2 weeks!

But I almost missed it (hence the change of format for the daily Builder selections email.)

If you're interested...

Go on, I know that you are?

It was for my system called...

Flat Claimers - big priced boys

where R4 Status = 1 and where Race Type = Flat and where the Race is a Claimer and Horse = Male (Stallion, Colt or Gelding) and the Forecast Starting Price was more than 3

The selection was...

Hamilton - 14:45:00 - Fast Finian (3)

You may have slightly noticed that Fast Finian won that race at 4/1 ISP and 6.2 BSP?

By the way, we also got the Trifecta in that race - it paid £18.70!


I hope that you find the Builder useful.

If you have any ideas for improving it (or find any difficulties in using it) then please let me know.

My kindest regards


One Response to “Builder – System Options…”

  1. Gerald Ewert says:

    Hey Keith,
    I’d like to say thank you for the hard work you do every day.
    The builder is a really great addition to your site.
    You ask for ideas for improving, so here we go.
    You may know already that I’m a great fan of the bet engine bot and I use your full ratings output everyday. It would be great to get a possibility to get selections output from various builder systems in tbe format.
    I’m sure you know what I mean in saying that for this the simple output format will fulfill all requirements.
    Greetings from Germany

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