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Builder – Updates


Hard at work today...

Which is why I haven't been able to answer all of your emails.


I've managed to get a fair bit done.

Although, I have actually created a fair bit more work for me to do over the next few days!

Such is life?

It is Wine O'Clock yet?

Oh dear, a whole 54 minutes to go!

So, what have I done?

1). Place Stats - The Place stats are now hidden from the Builder Results page.

There is a button on the Builder page (below the Show Monthly stats, Show Course Stats) should you wish to see the Place stats.

This has speeded the Results page up dramatically.

2). Race Type Stats - There is now another button to allow you to see the Results by basic Race Type (i.e. Flat, AW, NH Chase etc.)

This will allow you to filter down a basic system to see where it works best.

3). Race Age - The Race Age has been added to the Builder.

I hope that you find this useful but...

Whilst I can display the Race Age, I certainly won't be able to add the functionality to show only 4 year olds in a 3 to 4 year old race.

But, perhaps there should be a...


In that last statement?

4). Delete Systems Bug - There was a bug which stops you deleting systems. This has now gone away.

5). Class Wins/Places Bug - There was also a bug which showed up if you queried Class wins or places. I've bid a fond "Au Revoir" to that (although I certainly hope I don't see that one again?)

6). Systems Strike Rate/ROI issue - There was an issue where, on the Systems page, any systems added today would inherit the Strike Rate and ROI of the system immediately preceding it.

This is because the system statistics are calculated overnight in order to speed up the Systems page.

So, what I've done is, if the system can't be found in the Systems Statistics database table, then they are calculated on the fly and inserted into the relevant table (and, thus, displayed correctly on the screen.)

7). Early Birds - Since an update I performed on Friday, some of you haven't been getting your Early Bird preview ratings. This has now been fixed.

I do apologise for this (it was entirely my fault) - I am no going to write out a thousand times....

"I must not program on an empty brain!"

8). R4 Status = All - If you selected R4_status = All then you got a system error.

There are very few times when you might want to select all top three rated horses (unless you are a Dutcher and I'll be adding specific functionality for that over the next few days) but...

If you now do so...

You won't get the error.

9). Posting on the forum - Unknown to me...

If you posted on the forum then you had to wait five minutes before you posted again.

I think that this is to stop spam but...

After an age of hunting round for the right knob to turn...

I have reduced this delay to 30 seconds.

What's left to do?

1). Systems Page - The Systems Page will be changed so that it displays the newest systems first.

I shall also try to create another, almost identical Systems Page (there will be a link to it at the top of the existing System Page) which will allow you to tick boxes and select multiple systems in one go.

2). Trainer Course Win Percentages - The Trainer Course Win Percentages will be added to the normal PDF and, also, the Builder.

3). Bet Types - The Bet Types button will be operational from about Thursday.

This will, allow you to use the Builder to research Laying and Dutching systems.

Once this is done I shall be putting a Bet Type description on the Systems page.

And there may end up being different Systems pages for different Bet Types so that layers can go to their page etc.

Obviously, there will still be the existing Systems Page.

And, while I think of it; I shall be adding a text field to the Builder so that you can add any notes to explain to someone how to use your system. I shall be contacting all of you who have Public systems so that I can get the text so that I can update that field.


Now, I may have missed off some of the updates that you have asked for.

If so, then please let me know and I'll add them to my list.

I hope that you find the Builder useful.

If you have any ideas for improving it (or find any difficulties in using it) then please let me know.

Until then...

I'm patiently counting down the minutes to Wine O'Clock and...

I may just say something about a cheeky Unique Jockey and Trainer in the meantime...

To sort of warm me up?

Interesting figures...

Strike Rate: 46.67% Av SP: 6.59 ROI: 307.56%

Oops, almost forgot...

focus-ratings-r4You know, I've been meaning to say a big thank you to all of you who have made your systems (or, some of them) Public.


Thank you to all of you!

There are now 96 Public systems available to subscribe to for free.

Which sort of explains that entirely gratuitous picture of Basil Fawlty...

Thrashing his car!

Which is pretty much what I felt like doing when I was fixing that R4 Status = All bug!

My kindest regards


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