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Builder – Updates


What a day, today!

I've spent most of the day going one step forward only to take two steps back!


I got there in the end!


I seem to have missed Wine O'Clock!

So, what have I done?

Well, only one update today...

But it's a big one?

It's a sort of small step for man but...

A giant leap for mankind?

Only not quite as important as that?

Today I have implemented the Back to Betfair stuff so...

You now have two options on the Bet Type menu at the bottom of the Builder.

You can proof your system to ISP or BSP.

Tomorrow I'll be adding the Bet Type field into the Systems Table so that it will show up on the Systems page.

Now, this might seem like such a big thing but...

It'll make it easy (or easier) to implement laying and Betfair place betting systems.

I will have to contact (by email), all of you who have built systems, so that you can tell me if they are Backing, Laying or Place betting systems but...

That will have to wait until the weekend.

Oh, by the way...

I've also managed to unblock the blocked kitchen sink!

Without drowning myself, flooding the town or setting the house alight (I'm not very good at plumbing type stuff - to say the least!)

I feel right, real proud!


As always...

My kindest regards


One Response to “Builder – Updates”

  1. geoffrey headley says:

    I will come back to you at some later date, at this stage I am completely overwhelmed by your commitment and dedication.
    Do you ever sleep?? your mind must be a series of calculations that never stop working.
    Once I get my head around it all, I will come back with questions??
    Until then congratulations for all you have achieved /
    Looks like gobbledegootch to me “The HTML Taggs and attributes”
    will I ever get my head around it all??

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