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Builder – Updates


Just a quickie...

As the Actress said to the Bishop?

And I really hope that none of you are actresses or bishops...

Or, if you are, I hope that you're not offended by what I've just said?

Both very fine professions, in my humble opinion.

And the world certainly needs more actresses; especially if they look like Vanessa Paradis?

Not too sure about more bishops, though?

But then, I didn't have posters of bishops on my bedroom wall when I was growing up!

So, what have I done this morning?

I have added Yield to the Builder.

It's hidden away in the Horse Detailed Analysis box that is hidden when you load the page.

You can input your own Yield figures and choose More than or Less than.


A member emailed me to say that...

She had lots of systems and, thus, her daily Systems email was very long as many of the systems didn't have selections.

So, I've added an option on the Members page (it's option 2) so that you can choose only to show those systems that have selections.

I've just sent a test mail and it looks good to me.

If you have lots of systems you might want to set it so that your daily email only shows systems if there are System selections for those systems.

I'll certainly be doing that myself.


As always...

My kindest regards


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