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Changes implemented…


After yesterday's debacle (for which I sincerely apologise) I have started implementing some of the changes that I recently mentioned.

1). Today you should have received the ratings in the new format. This was an 8 page document; in the old format it would have been 14 pages. I hope that you find it readable.

2). I've slightly changed the format of the daily email. I hope that this doesn't cause any concerns for any of you.

An example is displayed below (click on it to see it full size - don't forget to click on the Back button to return here)...


As well as being more logical for you (and that will matter more when additional links get added), it will make support far easier for Jill and me (you'll be able to say, for example, Link 6 doesn't work?)

3). I have added a new format for those of you who don't need quite so much information and would prefer the ratings to be in Portrait format. An example of today's ratings in this format may be see at - right click on the link to save it to your computer.

As you will see, the new Short format only uses 6 pages instead of the 8 pages of today's Normal format file. The rather large bottom margin has to be there so that I can be sure that it will print correctly on all printers.


In a few days you will be able to individually customise the look of the email by updating your preferences on the members page.

However, after yesterday's problems I want to ensure that the mail and the links work first before moving onto something else.

My kindest regards


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