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Changes to the daily email…

focus-ratings-changes to emailsUpdates

Today, I have updated the format of the NEW format PDF.

I have added 2 more metrics to the Ratings.

Now, for each race, I also show the historical Course Strike Rate and the historical Race Type Strike Rate.

I have also added the Saddle Cloth Number (in brackets) after the horse's name.

Tomorrow's Email

Tomorrow, on your morning email, you will notice that the link to the new format PDF (right at the top of the email) has gone.

This is because the NEW format ratings have become the standard format ratings (they save paper, they contain far more information - there really is no point in keeping the old format.)

I have also updated the Course Order and the Full PDFs to use the NEW format ratings.

I have also written the code that will produce Single Meeting Ratings; these are intended for people actually going to the races and want just the one page to print off.

They'll also be ideal for Festivals such as Cheltenham?

However, I can't test the copy job for those and I don't really want to add the links until I know that it's all going to work.

If all goes well tomorrow morning then I'll add some new Spreadsheets with all the data from the NEW format PDF.

I'll be around all day tomorrow so, if you have any questions, please feel free to email them to me.

My kindest regards


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