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ScreenshotJust for you dutchers...

I have created a little dutching calculator for the members of Focus Ratings.

It allows you to enter the current prices for the top three rated horses in any race and your stake.

Then the stakes are calculated and displayed with the anticipated profit.

I have put a link on the sidebar so that you can go straight there but, you can also take a look by visiting... EasyDutch

You will need to be logged in to access that page.


I'd love to hear from you if you feel that I could improve EasyDutch in any way.

I am aware that it needs finishing off (if, for example, you don't enter a stake or a valid price then it comes up with a horrible error!) but that's just normal coding housekeeping that i shall complete during the day.

I am also very keen to hear from anyone who is having success by dutching a sub-set of Focus ratings top three rated horses.

You might even want to mention them on the forum (did I mention that we have a forum????)


For those of you who wish to learn more about dutching, I have found some great informative links.

Malcolm Pett (he of GreyHorseBot fame) has an excellent article on dutching over at

And Gavin Priestly (of fame)has just (well, yesterday?) published an article on the subject at...

I hope that you find the dutching calculator useful and, once again, if you feel it needs improving, please let me know.

Oops! One last thing.

I intend to put a live odds thingy on the EasyDutch page so that you don't have to leave the site in order to get current prices.

I am just waiting for my application to be approved and, once it is, I'll install it straight away.

My kindest regards


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